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Dancin' with the Dean

Dancin' with the Dean

Final Entry

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As the fan buses near Morehead, I would like to express my appreciation for those who were willing to ride more than 2500 miles to give back to the student-athletes who have given so much to MSU!  As we say to perspective and current students, alumni, local community members, and the world, Morehead State is a special place because the sense of community that exists on campus.  This trip is an example of how through collaboration, we can accomplish anything.  Thanks to Athletics, Communications and Marketing, Housing, SGA, Student Life, and many individual faculty and staff members, we were able to provide 99 fans with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

We are so proud of Coach Tyndall and the team - great season gentlemen.  To our seniors - thank you for an awesome ride.  You have put MSU Basketball back on the map, and we will always cherish our memories of you in Johnson Arena!

We built several relationships on our journey, and I think fewer people will say "where is Morehead".  Because of events like this, Eagle Nation is strong. 

I say to the world, if you expect us to sit down, your expectations are out unrealistic!  We are loud, proud, and filled with class and dignity!  Stand tall Eagle Nation - thanks to March Madness 2011, the world is watching!

Finally, I say to the fans who travelled the country with me - your character, class, commitment, and passion make it an honor and pleasure to be your Dean of Students!

Go Eagles!


Almost Home

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Greetings Eagle Fans!

I hope you were able to join the community to welcome the basketball team back to campus after their awesome effort in Denver.  We are about 30 minutes from Louisville.  We have a stop to switch drivers, and detour to get food, and the grand finale of giving the iPad to a student before going home.  I will have one last posting after dinner.

Stay Tuned...

Missouri Part Two

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The Eagle fans are in Missouri, and making our way to St. Louis.  We should arrive back in Morehead between 8-9 p.m.  The sun is out, and it is a great day for traveling (or fishing!).  Some people are waking, but many still sleeping!  We need to make a long-distance butt cushion and lower back brace for this type of  trip!  My lower back hates me right now!


More Later...





Short Stop

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Just made a short stop to gas up the buses before heading the Topeka and Wal-Mart.  So, time for another story:

The Morehead bug caught a number of people while we were in Denver.  By the time we left, we had hotel workers and others in MSU shirts singing our praises.  For me, there were two guys who become Morehead fans that I will always remember.  They are from Colorado, and sat next to me during the Louisville game.  Although one of them had a daughter going to school at Louisville, they were cheering for MSU!  They also cheered for us in the Richmond game.  They came down tonight, and were very complimentary of us!  Spreading the word about MSU one person at a time!!!

Thanks to all of the students, faculty, staff, and athletes, that is an easy song to sing! 

MUCH MORE later....

Headed To Topeka

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We are still in Kansas, and headed toward Topeka.  There we will gas up the buses, and switch drivers.  Thanks John and Jeff for another great trip - you both are awesome!  Just passed a field of windmills (man are the huge!) which was impressive.  Most of the fans are asleep, and we are into our second movie of the trip.

More Soon.........

Greetings From Kansas

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We have entered Kansas, and have taken our first "stretch break".  Further proving that my bus is the coolest, we have had a lot of singing and dancing on board!  Now we are into Movie Time.  We have now been traveling in Kansas in two forms of darkness - in the dark of the morning (coming out) and the dark of the evening (going home).  Still looks flat in either form of darkness!

If you are reading this in Morehead, please join the welcome for the team on Sunday at 4 p.m. at the AAC.  The fan buses will not been home in time, but I hope the team knows just how proud we are of them!  You all should hold your heads high and know that MSU fans love you!

So, some stories from the game.  Someone has to help me understand this notion of "sitting at a basketball game of this magnitude".  Any takers?  I certainly understand that there are many fans in attendance at any given game.  But can you really expect a group of excited young people to sit in the 3rd round of the NCAA Tournament?  That was what was expected of us this evening.  Even one of the security officers said to me that it was not reasonable to expect us to sit.  One highlight of the evening was when an individual from the group asking MSU fans to sit came over to us and said - "it is not as bad as they are making it, and if it was my team playing I would be standing too - there is no reason for you to sit".  Thanks to the reasonable fan in the crowd!

More stories to come.....

Proud to Be An Eagle!

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What a heartbreaker!  Sad day for the Eagles, but no reason to hang our heads!  Being an Eagle is MUCH MORE than being a spider!  I am so proud of the team and the fans - with class and characters we are ALWAYS winners! 

Demonte, Kenneth, and Sam - thanks for the great ride!  Eagle Nation has been blessed as a result of your involvement on and off the court!  THANK YOU!

Eagle Express 1 & 2 are on the road!  We are about 3 hours into our journey - stay tuned for more!

Time for the Dean to Dougie on the bus!

Much More to come...

Day of Rest

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How About Those Eagles!  What a great day - it is awesome to see the MSU Family come together as one.  As a group we are proud and strong, and we will need that strength on Saturday.  Next to my wedding day, and the birth dates of my two children, the game vs. Louisville ranks pretty high on my list of great things of which I have been a part!

If you are not in Denver (I am sorry), we will be showing the game in ADUC tomorrow.  We had a great crowd there on Thursday, let's do better tomorrow Eagle fans!  We need all of the energy, near and far, we can get to beat Richmond tomorrow.

Eagle fans have a day off to explore Denver as they rest and prepare for being LOUD and PROUD at the game tomorrow.  Be watching for us on TV - if you cannot see us, I promise you will hear us!

WHEN we win tomorrow, I will plan a fan trip to San Antonio, TX for the next round.  Be looking for that information as soon as I return to campus (Monday).

MUCH MORE excitement to come.... STAY TUNED.......


Is That Denver I See?

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As the traffic increases, and we see an amazing display of lights on the right (runway lights) it becomes obvious that we are getting close to the Mile High City.  Sadly it is too dark to see the mountains.  A quick check of the road signs....and.... yes, it is Denver and it is just a few short miles away!  It has been a great trip, Eagle fans are truly the best, and we are ready to have a little time in the hotel before heading to the game!  Thanks for reading about our trek across the country - no matter what happens in the next 8 hours, I know this to be fact: MSU has awesome athletes, it is a great place to work and get an education, and it is home to the best fans/students in the WORLD!  Wherever you may be, it is time to pool your MSU pride and spirit and help the team beat Louisville - Go Eagles!

Moonlight Travels

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In honor of the Moonlight School, we are finishing our time in Kansas, and beginning our time in Colorado, under an awesome moon (the buses have headlights too!).  We had our last stretch break and are on our way to Denver.  All in all, it has been a great trip, and it does not seem like we have been on the bus all day.

Just finished talking with the Hyatt - they have been OUTSTANDING to work with, and it looks like we will be able to get into most (if not all) of our rooms when we arrive!  We need a little time to rest/freshen up!

It seems to be the theme to sleep on the floor (several doing it) - that is a little much for this old man, I will wait for a bed!

Hope we get to stay in Denver for a couple of nights and not just one.

We just crossed into Colorado!!!!

Still alive and kickin' and have 1-2 more entries in me....

Kansas How I Will Miss Thee

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Shout Out for anyone still reading at this hour!  We only have 70 miles until Colorado!  Although we could not identify the source due to darkness, Kansas has some very "natural" odors that keep you awake at night!  I know our drivers got a second wind - literally!  We plan to stop for a stretch break in about 30 minutes and then on to Denver.  Hope the team is well-rested for the game tomorrow!  Go Eagles!

 I am not done yet....

Serious About A Win!

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The fan buses have passed Topeka, and we have new drivers!  Welcome aboard Jeff and John!!  If you know these gentlemen, you know that we have the best drivers in the country!!  They are fun, personable, professional, and a true credit to their profession!  I want them as my drivers for EVERY trip!

So, it is late in the evening/early in the morning and we have been on buses for a long time.  With that in mind, what is a guy to do to keep 99 fans motivated for 8 more hours on a bus!  He dances around in a pink bikini of course!  True story - while switching drivers in Topeka we went to Wal-Mart for a stretch break.  When I returned to my seat on the bus, I found the students had purchased a pink bikini for me (thanks Jake!).  Not wanting to be rude, I immediately put on the bikini and did a little "let's go Morehead" cheer.  Madonna and Dr. Andrews, I promise I love my job - I REALLY DO!!!!  If you see the photos, I promise I have not lost my mind.  My thanks to the fans for keeping things fun and exciting as time goes by.  Nothing better than MSU students!  To all of the other Deans of Students' in the world - I have the best job on the planet!  You should apply when I retire!

Still feeling good!  Looks like we will get into Denver about 9 a.m. (EST)/7 a.m. (MT).

For those of you still with me, MUCH MORE to come.....

Half Way!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, it is official - Morehead Fans have hit the half-way point in the trip!  We have hit Kansas City, and just passed the Welcome to Kansas sign!  When I look out the window, I see nothing but beaches, fun in the sun, and sail boats.  Wait, that is a dream as I can only see the dark of the night.  It is much like the dreams the Louisville Cardinals are having if they think they will beat the Eagles tomorrow!  :Let's get it done Eagles!!!

I think we are on movie number #4 or 5.  The fans are still going strong!  We will be learning the Dougie a little later tonight.  We are close to the point of having to change to our third driver of the trip - we have so much energy we are wearing them out left and right (like the Eagles will do to Louisville!).

More updates to come....

Watching the Sunset

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We just had a nice dinner and 45 minutes away from the bus.  With our bellies full, and our hearts with the Eagles, we are back on the road toward Kansas City.  The fans on the bus have been treated to backpacks, snacks, and t-shirts (one of a kind for NCAA Tournament Fans!!!).  A big THANK YOU to Jami Hornbuckle for providing those items for the trip!  She is MUCH MORE than just a marketing professional!!

The fans on my (or if you like THE BEST) bus are going strong!!  They have had an awesome attitude and this has been a great trip thus far!  Just another example of why I am the luckiest person on the planet to be the Dean of Students at MSU!  We are going through some "mountains" now - I think they are about 20 feet tall!!!  The sunset this evening is simply beautiful and the weather could not be better.  The temperature feels warm outside, but we keep seeing small pockets of snow on the side of the road.

Many thanks to those following us as we travel across the country - together we can make this happen!!  Go Eagles.

Anyone going to stay up all night with me and follow the blogs?!

More to come....

Much More Missouri

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Greetings!  We are still in Missouri, and I am seeing snow on the side of the road as we near Columbia!  I would like to send my appreciation to Free Enterprise and The Hyatt in Denver. 

 Free Enterprise has always treated us well, and this trip is no different - friendly, helpful drivers!!  I also met Laurie Orkies for the first time - we have only spoken via phone until today.  We now have the Free Enterprise staff sporting MSU gear and cheering for the Eagles!

Jenaca from the Hyatt is Denver is nothing less that AWESOME!!!  She has gone above and beyond the call of duty, and has treated us like kings and queens - if you are ever in Denver, I hope you will consider staying with them.

Watch the WKYT news at 11 p.m. tonight - you may see photos from the fan bus - thanks Amber!

Nine hours in, and still going strong!!  The Men's Basketball Team is going to have to be tough on the court tomorrow, so we can be strong on the bus today in support of them.

Almost dinner time - More to come.....

St. Louis

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We are just passing through St. Louis!  If you have not seen it, the Arch is awesome!  When you get up close, it is HUGE.  Remember Eagle fans - St. Louis Cardinals = good.  Louisville Cardinals = not good.  Go Eagles!  The trip has been great  thus far - tune in this evening/early tomorrow morning to see if the story changes!  Words cannot express how much I love the students/fans with us - they are what makes MSU a great place - THANK YOU ALL!

I much prefer the Morehead traffic jams to those in St. Louis - way too much concrete in big cities!  Have not seen a lot of grass in the area.

MUCH MORE Later....

On the Road Again

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Great lunch near Evansville, Indiana!  We are a few more miles closer to Denver.  As an old guy from the Midwest, I forgot have flat it can be - miles and miles of fields!  Thanks to our farmers for their work!  Not long until we cross into Missouri.  Although it is the "Show Me State", MSU fans are showing them what true team spirit means!  Go Eagles!

The Journey Continues

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Hello MSU!

I am sorry that I did not follow the example of my colleagues before!  So, I will take a moment for an introduction.  My name is Kevin S. Koett, and I am lucky enough to be the Assistant Vice President/Dean of Students at Morehead State University.  I have been at MSU for 5 years, and I hope to stay for 50 more!  It is a place of enjoyment, not just employment!!

Ninety-nine of the best fans in the world are on our way to Denver to watch the MSU Men's Basketball Team play Louisville in the NCAA Tournament.  Go Eagles!

I just spoke with MSU alum, and Lexington News Woman, Amber Philpott on the phone.  Amber is covering the basketball game, and I appreciate that she touched base with us!  Amber is proud of MSU, and we certainly are proud of her!  She is MUCH MORE than an alum, she is an active member of the MSU family!  Thanks Amber!

The Koett bus (also known as the best bus) is watching Finding Nemo as we get close to a point where we can stop for lunch.  After lunch, we are headed for Kansas!  Dorthy hasn't seen the kind of heart and courage MSU Fans can bring!  It is MUCH MORE than the scarecrow and cowardly lion could have dreamed!!!

More to come....

On Our Way to Denver!

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Greetings Morehead!

At the present time, I am on a bus with 99 AWESOME MSU fans!  Actually, I am on a bus with 49 of them - the other 50 are on the other bus (too bad for them!).  We left Morehead bright and early this morning on our way to cheer the Eagles to victory in Denver!  Great day for traveling - nice to see the sun!  I want to give a "shout out" to Jami Hornbuckle, April Nutter, and Betty Jo Wallace for their hard work which made this trip possible!  MUCH MORE blogging to come.  Go Eagles!

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