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 Minnie Adkins


Minnie Adkins traces her interest in making things to watching men in her family and community whittle when she was a child. She began carving at an early age, making twig roosters and other small objects. While living in Fairborn, Ohio, from the 1950s into the 1970s, she continued her carving, giving most of it away to family and friends and occasionally selling her work at flea markets. 

In 1984, she took some of her carvings to a gallery in Morehead. Her work was enthusiastically received, and the gallery began handling it for her. In 1985, she was introduced to the fledgling Folk Art Collection at Morehead State University. As interest grew, Minnie’s husband, Garland, was encouraged to begin carving also, and the couple soon gained wide-spread national attention. Since the mid 1980s Minnie has received several prestigious awards, and her work has become part of several museum collections.

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