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Tuition Model Changes
Fall 2013

A Student Payment Plan Task Force was formed in June 2012 to carefully consider the current student payment plan process and develop improvement recommendations. The task force membership included broad campus representation from areas of fiscal management, student records, academic departments, information technology, and student financial aid. In the task force report issued in December 2012, it was recommended that MSU’s current tuition model be re-examined to explore the possibility of developing a model that is more efficient, effective and easier to communicate to prospective as well as current students. Based on the recommendation of the task force and after extensive discussion and analysis, we proposed to transition from a per-credit hour pricing approach to a full-time flat rate pricing structure in Fall 2013 for undergraduate students. Graduate students will continue to be charged tuition on a per credit hour basis under the new tuition model. However, one single per credit hour rate of $535 is proposed for all graduate students regardless of residency status or course delivery mode. The changes are structured to be revenue neutral.

Advantages of New Tuition Model

  • Simplifies billing for our students
  • Fewer tuition rates
  • Reduces or eliminates necessity to adjust student’s bill when course schedule changes occur
  • Reduces or eliminates necessity to adjust scholarship awards and tuition waivers that are directly associated with tuition charges (i.e. Honors, Commonwealth, Non-Resident Tuition Scholarship
  • Less confusing for current students to interpret their bill
  • Less confusing price structure for prospective students
  • Maintains a financial incentive for full-time enrollment and provides a financial incentive for enrollment above 12 credit hours thus encouraging students to stay on track to graduate in four years. Standard credit hour requirement for a baccalaureate degree is 120 credit hours. A student must successfully complete an average of 15 credit hours per fall/spring term to earn 120 credit hours in a four year period.
  • Allows more flexibility for students to enroll in online courses by eliminating separate rates for internet and hybrid delivery courses. The previous tuition model included internet and hybrid delivery rates at 1.35 times the resident rate.
  • Reduces or eliminates inconsistency in tuition charges between semesters with different credit hour enrollments and different combinations of internet and face-to-face course delivery modes for full-time students (enrolled in 12-18 credit hours)
  • Simplifies the graduate tuition structure by having only one rate for all graduate students. The new rate is more competitive for online courses and for non-resident graduate students. The rate was determined by blending the current graduate resident rate and the graduate internet rate. The non-resident rate previously set at 2.5 times the resident rate was eliminated in the proposed model. (73% of graduate credit hour generation in Fall 2012 was from online courses)

Tuition Rate Increase
On April 18, 2013, the Council on Postsecondary Education (CPE) approved a 2013/2014 resident, undergraduate tuition and mandatory fee ceiling that equates to a maximum base rate increase of no more than 3 percent for all public universities. The base rate excludes CPE approved Special Use Fees. The Council also voted to maintain the existing floor for nonresident, undergraduate tuition and mandatory fees of at least two times the resident, undergraduate rate. On June 20, 2013, the Council approved the proposed new tuition model structure including the tuition increase previously authorized on April 18.


The tuition rate at Morehead State University does include a Special Use Fee previously approved by CPE on June 10, 2011. The Special Use Fee was approved for MSU to charge a $5 per credit hour (equivalent of $66 for 15 credit hours under current rate structure) student-endorsed fee dedicated to pay construction costs of the new Student Recreation Center. The recommended 2013/2014 tuition rate schedule includes a 3 percent increase in the undergraduate resident full-time base rate. Non-resident undergraduate rates are recommended at 2.5 times the resident rate. The rate increase was not applied to the part-time rate or the graduate rates as proposed with the tuition model changes. A summary of the tuition rate changes for resident undergraduate students is listed below:


  Fall 2012  Fall 2013  Increase 
Tuition and Fees       
Resident Undergraduate Base Tuition (15 hrs) $3,576 $3,683 $107
Special Use Fee (Student Rec Fee) $66 $66 $0
Total Tuition and Fees (Resident Undergraduate 15 hrs) $3,642 $3,749 $107


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