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Eagle Fest

Eagle Fest 2021 will be held Wednesday, Aug. 18, 2021, from 6 to 8 p.m. at the ADUC commons, the lawn of Fields Hall and the Allie Young lawn. The purpose of Eagle Fest is to create an opportunity for student organizations to recruit new members, and for local community businesses to advertise their goods and services to new and returning students.


Shannon Colvin
Office of Student Activities
217 ADUC
Morehead, KY 40351
Phone: 606-783-2886

Exhibitor Information

Booth space - Each booth space is approximately 10x10 feet and will include one six-foot table and two chairs. Electricity is not available.

Electricity - Electricity is not available for booths.

Parking - Parking on campus is very limited so we ask that exhibitors drop off their supplies, tents, etc. at the designated drop off area (TBD) and park at the US-60 Bypass lot. A shuttle will be available between the US-60 lot and the event drop-off for exhibitors to move back and forth as needed. We ask that you drop off your supplies for the booth and park your vehicle in the US-60 Bypass lot for the duration of the event.

Check-in - Exhibitors may check in at the main tent from 4-6 p.m. Please do not arrive before 4 p.m. to check in. Set up should be complete by 6 p.m. when the event starts. You will be assigned a booth location once registration is completed and will receive the location when you check in. Door prizes should be dropped off at the check-in tent when you check in. Please do not leave or begin dismantling your booth before the end of the event - 8 p.m. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to leave the area clean after they have dismantled their booth. Garbage bags will be issued to each exhibitor at check-in and will be available during the event at the check-in tent.

Announcements - Any announcements will be made from the main check-in tent or the from the stage area.

Restrictions - Selling items, fundraising and credit card sign-ups ARE NOT permitted at any booths. The use of all forms of tobacco products and devices is prohibited at the event. No alcoholic beverages are permitted at the event. Activities at your booth must not interfere with neighboring exhibitor booths or attendees' ability to move freely through the event area or hear announcements made from the event stage or check-in tent.

Suggestions for exhibitors:

  • Set up displays and demonstrations about your products, services, organization or department.
  • Distribute free food or beverage samples in compliance with safety and health regulations (always popular!)
  • Recruit volunteers to help with your booth (we ask that you limit the number to no more than 4 at a time).
  • Host attention-getting games and activities and/or give away coupons and promotional items.
  • Student organizations may want to have an interest form available for students to fill out.
  • Bring a canopy or tent and a cooler for snacks/beverages for volunteers during the event.

Sponsored by Student Activities, the University Store and Aramark.