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Student Meal Plans

A meal plan is an efficient and easy choice and will offer you convenience and flexibility to your dining experience at MSU. Meals can be used at all food services locations on campus, excluding Starbucks and the P.O.D. Convenience Store in Alumni Tower. Each time you make a purchase your account is reduced by one meal when on a meal plan. Funds for the University's meal plans are accessed using the contactless chip (flyBUY) portion of your EagleCard.

Selecting your Spring 2021 Meal Plan

Beginning Jan. 19, 2021, you must go to the EagleCard office (ADUC 127) to select or change your spring 2021 meal plan or to add BeakerBUCKs. The last day to change your meal plan is Tuesday, Jan. 26.

Students should be able to view complete spring 2021 billing when they do their self-service scheduling.  Please confirm all charges including your meal plan.  If your meal plan is not correct please submit your order online at through Jan. 18, 2021.

Meal plan selections and changes for spring 2021 begin the week of Nov. 4, 2020.  Please read all information regarding spring meal plan billings and policies below and on the meal plan considerations page.

If you will graduate prior to the fall semester or will not be returning to MSU for the fall semester, you must contact the EagleCard office at to discontinue your meal plan. Include your full name, MSU ID and intent to graduate and/or not attend

Which MEal Plan is right for me?

Students enrolled in 12 or more credit hours with at least one class located on MSU’s main campus who do not select a meal plan are required to participate in MSU’s Dining Dollars Program, and will automatically have $100 in Dining Dollars charged to their bill to be used at campus dining locations. Dining Dollars use the same tender as Flex and are for campus dining locations only.

On-campus freshmen and sophomores (0-59 credit hours)

If you are under 21 years of age and unmarried, you are required to participate in a University Meal Plan and will automatically be enrolled in the Eagle 15 plan if you do not make a selection.

Juniors, Seniors and Graduate Students (60+ credit hours)

You may choose any plan or opt-out of the traditional meal plans. Please be aware that the $100 Flex Dining Dollars Program may reflect on all student billing, regardless of status or residency. For more information, visit meal plan considerations.


What are BeakerBUCKS and Flex Dollars?

BeakerBUCKs is MSU's all-in-one account and is an option for all enrolled students and current employees. This includes non-traditional students and commuters. BeakerBUCKs are accepted at multiple locations across campus including Dining Services (six percent discount), University Store, Library, MSU Document Center, concessions, vending, copiers, printers and businesses/restaurants in the community.

All meal plan options come with additional Flex Dollars which can be used for additional purchases at all on-campus dining locations, including Starbucks and the P.O.D. Convenience Store in Alumni Tower. Flex Dollars are not accepted at the bookstore or any of the vending locations. If you use all of the Flex Dollars on your meal plan you have the option to add funds to your EagleCard ID. This amount will be put into a BeakerBUCKs account.

You must accept your Financial Responsibility Agreement (FRA) and payment plan via MyMoreheadState before your meal plan or BeakerBUCKs order will be applied to your student account and activated for use. All students must submit meal plan orders for the fall term. The spring term will be covered by the fall/spring meal plan contract unless a student wishes to change their meal plan or their default status for the Eagle 15 changes to junior status.  

Fall Rollover Flex Dollars

Your remaining Flex Dollar balance will now rollover from fall to spring, as long as you select a spring meal plan (this includes the $100 Flex/Dining plan). If you do not select a spring meal plan, your rollover Flex Dollars will still be displayed in your online account, but you will not have access to them. Rollover Flex Dollars will be available as soon as your spring meal plan is activated, and will be listed in your EagleCard account as "Fall Rollover Flex." When you charge an expense to your Flex account, funds will be used from your rollover Flex Dollars before the Flex Dollars from the current semester. Visit the EagleCard Office (127 ADUC) for more information.