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Software Downloads

There are several requirements when taking an online course. A computer using Windows XP SP2 or higher or Macintosh/Apple computer using OS X or higher. A connection to the Internet, preferably high speed such as cable or DSL. An internet browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or higher (recommended) for Windows PCs or Internet Explorer 5.2 or Safari Web Browser 4 or higher for Macintosh/Apple computers. Email capable of sending attachments. Microsoft Office 2003 or higher (or Microsoft Office Viewer). Below is a list of links to commonly required software and browser plug-ins.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Many documents that your professor will share with you may be in the form of a PDF (Portable Document Format) . Adobe Acrobat Reader is an application designed to read this type document.

Browser Plug-ins

While using Blackboard at MSU, your professors may post materials that require your computer to have certain additional software to be installed and accessible to your Internet browser. Some common, detectable examples are listed below.

  • Windows Media Player (included with Windows) - Required to play Windows Media Files such as .wma and .wmv. 
  • Quicktime (included with Mac Operating Systems) - Required to play some mpeg files such as .mov and .mp4. 
  • Adobe Flash Player - Required to play embedded flash videos such as youtube videos.