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The Honors Gate

In 2003, the program’s students were asked to create a symbol that would reflect the values and attitudes of the program. After considering many options, the students decided that the symbol should be a partially opened gate.

“Morehead, Kentucky, has always seen itself as the gateway to the mountains, and MSU has seen itself as the gateway to higher education within its service region and beyond,” said Dr. Marshall Chapman, former director of the program. “The George M. Luckey Jr., Academic Honors Program has seen itself as a gateway to our highest potentialities.”

The gate, now located in front of Fields Hall, is fashioned after “Anne’s Gate,” an actual gate to a garden in Brookgreen Botanical Gardens in coastal South Carolina.

“The gate is partially open, or partially closed, to represent our approach to critical thinking,” Chapman said. “We in the honors program feel that our values and attitudes should be like this gate, and that a gate stuck open is just as useless as a gate stuck closed.” He added that the gate in the partially open position encourages the viewer to consider the reasons why it is in such as position, and the gate opens towards Honors HQ as a symbol of welcome.