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ASTRA-Con Local Sponsors

Local Morehead businesses and restaurants are invited to submit as co-sponsors to support the ASTRA-Con College Scholarship Fund.

The total for the co-sponsorship is $100 or greater at the sponsor's request.

What is the ASTRA-Con College Scholarship Fund?

This is a fund that goes directly to supporting current or prospective undergraduate and graduate students.

Do sponsors receive anything in return?

Sponsorships greater than $100 will receive an honorable mention at the scholarship announcement during the conference. They will also be listed in the ASTRA-Con conference packet in the "Things to do in Morehead, KY" or "Places to Eat in Morehead, KY" section.

How is the scholarship awarded?

All high school, undergraduate, and graduate students are eligible to receive this scholarship. The student(s) will be selected based on a random drawing of the attendees.

Can I sponsor more than one thing? Of course! If you would like to sponsor any meals, refreshments, facilities, or volunteer supplies; contact to make these arrangements or fill out the registration form

ASTRA-Con 2023