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Public Show Schedule


Public Planetarium Feature Shows

On selected Saturdays between September and June, come see a full-dome show and hear a live seasonal star talk highlighting our Kentucky sky. On sunny Saturdays, the planetarium will also have solar telescopes set up outside to invite our visitors to see our star like you have never seen it before!

We have two types of planetarium shows. Family shows (at 11 a.m.) are designed for families with young children (ages 4 to 10) in mind. Planetarium shows (at 1 p.m.) are great for middle/high school students and adults. All are welcome to attend either!

Planetarium Feature Program Library

During June and July of 2022, we will offer "Hands-on Science Experiments" in our own mini-exploratorium at noon in the rotunda of the space science center, between the earlier and later shows. We are shifting the time of the later show to 1:30 p.m. to accommodate the workshops. Come for the early show and stay, or come for the activity and stay for the second show, or stay for all three. We will charge $4 dollars a person for the science activity and give a $1 discount for anyone also attending at least one show. These activities include making rockets that fly and payloads that survive launch and landing, making rainbows, separating colors and liquids, and using candy bars to understand meteorites and moon rocks. The activities are based on science activity workshops held for students, parents, and teachers at Goddard Space Flight Center and at the World of Science. You will have something you made to take home when you leave. All these activities utilize readily available materials, so you can continue the fun at home! No qualifications are needed, and anyone 5 years old or over can participate.

Public Laser Shows

On the same Saturdays, we have planetarium shows, we will have laser shows in the evening.

Public Domain Science Fiction Movies

On selected Friday evenings, we will use the planetarium dome to show vintage science fiction movies made from the 1920s to the 1990s that are now in the public domain. Believe it or not, 60 or 70 movies made in English are in this category. Come and enjoy classics like Santa Claus Conquers the Martians and Invaders from Space. 


Please note: Though our tickets are still inexpensive, we have had to raise our prices (as of Sept. 1) to somewhat cover the costs of the upgrades and new maintenance fees for our state-of-the-art full dome systems. Also, we are not allowed to take credit cards, so please bring cash or checks.

Planetarium Feature Program

  • Adults - $6
  • Children ages 5+ and Seniors age 65 + - $4
  • Children ages 4 and below, MSU students, faculty and staff - FREE

Laser Show

  • Adults - $10
  • Children ages 5+ and Seniors age 65 + - $5
  • Children ages 4 and below, MSU students, faculty and staff - FREE

Public Domain Science Fiction Movies

  • Adults - $5
  • Children ages 5+ and Seniors - $3
  • Children ages 4 and below, MSU students, faculty and staff - FREE

Prices include all applicable sales tax

Pay by cash or check to Morehead State University Star Theater at the door.

MSU students are welcome at all public events free of charge.

The Star Theater may be closed during MSU fall and spring breaks and during final exam periods. Please check our schedule to be sure.

Contact Information

Star Theater

Ronald G. Eaglin Space Science Center
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PHONE: 606-783-9593