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Parents and Families

The Craft Academy for Excellence in Science and Mathematics is a dual-credit academy for academically exceptional Kentucky students. Craft Academy provides students with a postsecondary residential experience to complete their junior and senior years of high school by enrolling in college courses. The Academy is housed on the campus of Morehead State University, consistently ranked as one of the top public regional universities in the South and one of the safest campuses in the nation. The Craft Academy will meet the unique educational needs of academically gifted and talented high school juniors and seniors in Kentucky. A college-level curriculum will allow students to finish high school while also completing up to two years of university coursework.

Academics at Craft

When your student enrolls at Craft Academy he or she will begin an educational experience above and beyond anything available at a traditional high school. There's an exceptional STEM+X academic curriculum that gives students the skills, knowledge and confidence to succeed in college.

Campus Safety

The Craft Academy makes student safety a priority. Morehead State's campus is ranked as one of the safest in the nation.