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Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program

The Morehead State Undergraduate Research Fellowship (URF) program is designed to provided Morehead State’s undergraduates with the opportunity to work as junior scholars with a faculty mentor. Our fellowship program is committed to fostering the academic, scholarly, and career aspirations of our students.
Applications for an Undergraduate Research Fellowship are submitted by faculty to their Chair or Dean. Students may work up to 20 hours per week during the academic year with a starting pay of $7.50 an hour. Students can be undergraduate research fellows for up to four years.

For Students

There are several ways students can get involved in undergraduate research. The first and most effective way is to talk with your professors. Most opportunities come about when students discuss their interests and goals with their professors. However, we know that this can be intimidating. The Office of Undergraduate Research will gladly help students find faculty mentors. Our office is located in 001 Camden Carroll Library. Feel free to drop in and come talk about your interests and goals. Additionally, feel free to email us at or fill out the form below to let us know that you are interested in pursuing a research opportunity.

For more information, interested students should contact us by email at

For Faculty

Fellowship applications are approved by the colleges. Applications should be submitted to your Chair or Dean when a student mentee has been identified. If faculty have an interest in taking on a research mentee but do not have a specific student in mind they should email We will do our best to match with you an aspiring researcher.  

For more information, interested students should contact their advisor, department chair, dean, or the Office of Instructional Undergraduate Research at