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Vending Services

Vending Services provides MSU students, faculty, staff and visitors the ability to purchase snacks, drinks and other items in an efficient and convenient manner across campus.


  • Snack vending machines are operated & serviced by Breaktime Vending and their employees, machines are located across campus in most major buildings.
  • Drink machines are owned and operated by G&J Pepsi Bottling Company, and serviced by their employees. Machines are located across campus in most major buildings.
  • All campus vending machines accept BeakerBUCKs. To use BeakerBUCKs, swipe your EagleCard through the credit card reader and make your selection. The funds are deducted from your BeakerBUCKs balance.
  • In addition to BeakerBUCKs, the Snack & Pepsi vending machines accept Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, ApplePay and Google Wallet & of course cash/coins.
  • To report issues with either type of machine please call the number on the front of the corresponding machine as those are serviced by each company.
  • An EagleCard with a damaged MAG stripe will not work in any machine. Any card that has an invalid MAG stripe must be taken to the EagleCard Office (606-783-2701) to be checked &/or replaced.