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Promotional Items


Promotional items are used at national and regional recruitment fairs, conferences and other events to increase awareness of Morehead State University. They serve to develop brand recognition and give prospective students and partners a means to contact the University. The Office of Communications and Marketing does not provide large quantities of promotional items for offices and units. Each area needs to order those according to the specifications on this page.



MSU has two approved vendors for ordering promotional items and all MSU offices and units must purchase from these vendors only. All designs must use official MSU logos and trademarks

Apparel (t-shirts, polo shirts, hats and other clothing) are not included as promotional items. Apparel can only be produced by licensed vendors and only with approval of design. For more information on licensing and licensed vendors, visit


  • Items totaling less than $1,000 can be purchased using an MSU credit card. For larger purchases, please use a purchase order. Questions about purchasing and payment should be directed to the Office of Procurement Services.
  • You must use your MSU email address when ordering products, as part of the verification process.

Approved Vendors

MSU has two approved vendors for promotional items - 4imprint and American Solutions. This does not include printed items (brochures, posters, signage) or apparel. When you order, you MUST use your MSU email address. You can only order promotional items from one of these two vendors. Below are links to each vendor's customized MSU purchasing website: