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Work Request

The Service Response Center (SRC) is the point of contact through which anyone on campus can request, follow-up or direct a question about a service that is provided by the Office of Facilities Management. 

The Service Response Center is responsible for coordinating and scheduling all maintenance activity, communicating status updates to the campus, soliciting feedback on the quality of service provided and allocating resources of the department to best service the mission of Morehead State University.

How to File a Work Request

  1. Place an online work request at the SchoolDude site.
  2. Call us at 606-783-2066

By utilizing the  online SchoolDude system, your request is entered directly into our scheduling system. You are able to login with your MSU email address to track the status of your work requests. The password required to submit the work request will be lower-case "msu."

Due to the amount of requests received daily, the Service Response Center must prioritize work. Generally non-emergency requests are scheduled and completed in one to three days. All maintenance project work (painting and minor renovations) are scheduled to minimize disruptions, often during scheduled academic breaks. Emergencies (flood, loss of electricity, locked out) are responded to immediately.

Requests for Academic and Athletic Buildings

Every academic building has been assigned a building supervisor. The building supervisor is the person who is responsible for tracking and submitting work requests for their building. If you would like to submit a work request, please contact your building supervisor.  


Requests for Residence Halls

Students and University employee’s can initiate a work request for residence halls directly from our SchoolDude online work request system. Students can simply log into the system by using their MSU email address. The password to submit the work request will be lower-case "msu."  


Emergency Requests

Call the Service Response Center at 783-2147 or 783-2066 for emergency requests (e.g. tripped breaker, broken water pipe).