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Report an Incident

In case of emergency, call 911. Calling 911 from a campus phone will put you through to MSUPD dispatch. Non-emergency calls may be made to 606-783-2035. Non-emergency calls are calls to report property damage accidents (fender-benders), theft of property where the suspect is gone, vandalism when the suspect is gone, panhandlers, intoxicated persons who are not being disorderly, and parking complaints. You may also report a crime anonymously through our Anonymous Tip Line or report workplace violence.

When Reporting an incident...
  1. LISTEN to the police dispatcher. The questions they ask are for the safety of the public and officers on the scene. Just because they are questioning you, does not mean that help is not on the way. Information is entered into a computer and dispatched as soon as enough information is gathered to send an appropriate and safe response. The officers may arrive while you are still talking to the operator.
  2. REMAIN ON THE LINE with the dispatcher until you are told to hang up. If you feel that you are in danger by staying on the line, advise the operator of this and they will have you hang up and move to a safer location.
  3. BE FAMILIAR WITH YOUR AREA. We cannot help you if you don't know where you are. The 911 system is equipped with automatic location and telephone numbering data, but this information must be confirmed for accuracy.

Descriptive Information that is helpful to Dispatch:
  • People - sex, race, height, weight, age, clothing, distinguishing features such as glasses, scars, etc.
  • Vehicles - color, year, make, model, body style (2 or 4 door), license plate number