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Info for High School Counselors

Welcome to the MSU Testing Center!  We have prepared this page specifically for high school guidance counselors to help them help their students.


Preparing Students for Placement Testing

Help students be aware of their need for placement testing
  • Any student with an ACT score in English of less than 18 will need to take either the ACCUPLACER Next Generation Writing* test or the KYOTE Writing test**
  • Any student with an ACT score in Math of less than 19 will need to take the KYOTE College Readiness Math test
  • Any student with an ACT score in Reading of less than 20 will need to take the KYOTE Reading test
  • English: Less than 18.
  • Math: Less than 19.
  • Reading: Less than 20.
  • English: Less than 22 on the Writing and Language Test.
  • Math: Less than 510.
  • Reading: Less than 24 on the Reading Test.

Schedule and conduct placement testing at the high school BEFORE they attend SOAR.
  • MSU will accept KYOTE College Readiness Math, KYOTE College Algebra, KYOTE Writing, KYOTE Reading, ACCUPLACER Next Generation Writing and ALEKS Math scores.
  • On behalf of your students, certify and email score reports directly to, fax score reports to 606-783-5071, or mail score reports to Testing Center, 501A Ginger Hall, Morehead State University, Morehead, KY  40351.
  • OR, have the student designate MSU to receive their KYOTE test scores when they take the test(s) (see below for more details on this option).

Encourage students who do not test at the high school to test at MSU BEFORE attending SOAR.
  • Have the student call MSU’s Testing Center at 606-783-2526 or email to schedule placement tests before their scheduled SOAR date.
  • The fee is $10 per test.

Notify students who have not taken placement tests by their SOAR date that they may have the option to take the necessary placement tests while on campus to attend SOAR.
  • Call Testing Center at 606-783-2526 to schedule as seating is limited.

Otherwise, students will need to either test at the HS or return to MSU for testing prior to starting classes.

Waiting to complete placement testing increases the chances the student’s class schedule does not meet his/her needs.  Please help us in ensuring each student that needs to test does so as soon as possible.

*ACCUPLACER Next Generation Writing test may be completed at testing centers that administer ACCUPLACER, however you must contact MSU’s Testing Center for a voucher number prior to testing to ensure MSU receives the student’s scores.
**KYOTE Writing test is not offered at MSU’s Testing Center but can be administered at the high school.


How to Submit Test Scores to MSU

  1. Include them on a student’s transcript – Transcripts are received by MSU’s Enrollment Services (Admissions), who will forward them to the Testing Center
  2. Certify and email score reports directly to, fax score reports to 606-783-5071, or mail score reports to Testing Center, 501A Ginger Hall, Morehead State University, Morehead, KY  40351 (The guidance counselor must do this, not the student.)
  3. Submit KYOTE scores through the KYOTE system (the student needs to sign into his/her KYOTE account):
    1. Go to tab labeled “View Exam Results”.
    2. Click the box next to Morehead State University.
    3. Click Submit.
    4. Email to alert. Include full name and MSU ID in the email.  (This step MUST be done or we will not know the score report is available.)


  • Encourage students to designate Morehead State University to receive their scores in their My AP account.  Starting with the 2019-2020 school year, one free score report is provided to the college students designate.  (Previously, students indicated their score send recipient institution on their answer sheet on exam day.)
  • For any student that did not designate Morehead State University and now wishes to send scores to MSU, direct them to  There is a fee for this service—$15 for regular processing and $25 for rush processing.  MSU typically receives score reports in 10-14 days after the request.
  • Make students aware that they will need to request their AP scores be applied to their MSU transcript.


If students need to improve their ACT scores, they have several options:
  • Retake the national (Saturday) ACT.  If the student did not prepare for the ACT, the most time and cost effective action is to study, energetically prepare, and retake it.  Statistics show that careful preparation can lead to improved scores.  This saves tuition dollars and reduces the time it takes to graduate because students who meet the readiness standards enroll in college level courses their first semester.  Explore preparation tools and register at
  • If a student has applied to MSU (e.g. has a MSU ID number), they may take the On Campus ACT (ACT Residual) at MSU.Their On Campus ACT scores are not transferrable and can be used only at MSU. Dates for the On Campus ACT are published on the Testing Center’s website. Students can contact the MSU Testing Center at 606-783-2526 or to schedule. The fee for the On Campus ACT is $70.

Any student taking the national ACT or On Campus ACT that does not have valid government-issued identification will need to provide a completed and valid ACT Student Identification Form (link  Be sure to read and carefully follow the instructions on the form.
  • A recent, head and shoulders photo of the student must be attached or printed on the form.
  • The school official or notary must place their seal or signature so it partially overlaps the student photo.
  • The school official or notary must watch the student sign the appropriate area of the form in their presence.
  • The school official or notary must sign the School Official or Notary section of the form after the student completes the signature.(Do not sign blank forms.)
  • If the ACT student identification form does not meet these criteria, the student will not be admitted to the test.


CLEP offers students the opportunity to earn college credit for what they already know.  CLEP exams are perfect for:
  • Advanced incoming college students who did not participate in Advanced Placement (AP)
  • Homeschooled students
  • Military service members and veterans
  • College seniors who need to fulfill a general education requirement to graduate.
The Testing Center at MSU offers CLEP exams.  Visit the testing center's CLEP page for more information on fees and how to register.