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Student Employment

Student employment can be a great way to gain experience and help pay for college. The Office of Financial Aid can help you determine what types of student employment opportunities you are eligible for and how to apply for student jobs on campus.

Student Applicants

Supervisor Information

A department or office that is hiring a student employee must complete all the forms per the instructions below:

  1. Student Employment Request Form - A request form must be completed for every student employee. If the student has not previously worked under the student employment program or has not worked in the past three years, the following forms must also be completed. 
  2. I9 Instructions
  3. I9 Form (Include copies of required documentation)
  4. K4 Form
  5. W4 Form (Please consult a tax preparer or accountant for advice. As always, payroll staff cannot give tax advice regarding the completion of withholding forms.)
  6. Drug & Alcohol-Free Statement
  7. Confidentiality Statement

Eagle CareerNet job Posting Instructions 


Evaluation Forms

Evaluations should be completed annually at the end of the spring semester.