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Early College Pros:

  • Students are better prepared for the rigor of college classes.
  • A waived application fee and priority access to scholarship awards, SOAR, and housing assignments.
  • Save money by taking courses now rather than at a higher cost later.
  • Helps students decide on a major/program of study.
  • Access to campus resources.
  • Courses taken as part of general education not only count toward a degree at Morehead State University, but they also are accepted by any public Kentucky university per Kentucky's General Education Transfer Policy.

Cautions to Consider:

  • Not all colleges accept dual credit.
  • Final grades are on your permanent academic record for both high school and college.

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The courses selected can be those that most appeal to personal interests, best aid in preparation for one’s chosen major and/or assist with on-time graduation. Students are strongly advised to consult with an academic advisor to determine which courses from the available options will best serve them.

Our recommendation is that students consider courses in the MSU general education program. General education is a set of foundational courses completed as part of the degree requirements for every major offered at Morehead State University. General education provides a foundation of knowledge and skills vital for all students. The course requirements include an introductory class about college student success strategies, as well as basic courses in oral and written communication, quantitative reasoning, natural science, social and behavioral science and humanities. These courses serve as the foundation of the academic journey at MSU because they teach essential skills such as critical thinking, cultural understanding, reasoning and communication skills, which are needed for students to succeed in their chosen fields. They also lead students to be well-rounded and prepared for a lifetime of learning, problem solving and self-expression.

MSU requires every bachelor's degree-seeking student to complete 36 hours of general education coursework. Of these, 18 hours are core courses everyone takes, regardless of their major:

  • First Year Seminar
  • Writing I
  • Writing II
  • Oral Communication
  • A general education math course (determined based on the students major)
  • A senior capstone course

The other required 18 hours are distribution courses selected by the student within specific categories for humanities, social and behavioral sciences, and natural sciences.

Core General Education Courses

Our primary recommendation is that you take the basic general education core courses in writing, oral communication and quantitative reasoning. They cover skills that are critical stepping stones for other classes you will take while at MSU. In addition, these core courses are highly transferable to other public colleges or universities in Kentucky. Below is a list of the core courses offered for dual credit as a part of the Eagle Scholars program at Morehead State University. Not all general education courses are offered at every location. When choosing a quantitative reasoning course you will need to select the course based on the Mathematics Pathway Guide since it is the course that best fits the requirements of your future major. If you take a different one you may not be able to use the class in your degree requirements later. If you need assistance in making your quantitative reasoning course selection, we encourage you to reach out to us for guidance.

Core areas for dual credit Course Options Special Instructions
Oral Communication (3 hours) COMS 108: Fundamentals of Speech Communication  
Writing I (3 hours) ENG 100: Writing I  
Writing II (3 hours) ENG 200: Writing II Take after successful completion of Writing I
Quantitative Reasoning (3-4 hours) MATH 123:  Introduction to Statistics
MATH 131:  General Mathematics Problem Solving
MATH 135:  Mathematics for Technical Students
MATH 152:  College Algebra
MATH 174:  Pre-Calculus Mathematics
Choose course using the Math Pathways by Program Guide below.



Math Pathways by Program


Social Work
Political Science
MATH 123E (ACT Math below 19)
MATH 123 (ACT Math: 19 or higher)
Early Childhood, Elementary, and Special Education
Health Promotion
Sport Management
School of Creative Arts
School of English, Communication, Media and Languages
History, Philosophy, Politics, International and Legal Studies (except Political Science)
MATH 131E (ACT Math below 19)
MATH 131 (ACT Math: 19 or higher)

Middle Grades and Secondary Education    Subject to major requirements
Agricultural Science
Exercise Science (except-Pre-PT)
Veterinary Technology
MATH 135E (ACT Math below 19)
MATH 135 (ACT Math: 19 or higher)
Bachelor of Business Administration programs
Exercise Science (Pre-PT)
Imaging Sciences
Biological Sciences
Earth System Science
Technology Management
MATH 152E (ACT Math below 22)
MATH 152 (ACT Math: 22 or higher)
Veterinary Science
Chemistry Major
Engineering Technology
MATH 152E (ACT Math below 22) then MATH 174
MATH 152 (ACT Math: 22 or higher) then MATH 174
MATH 174 (ACT Math: 24 or higher)

Chemistry Area
Space Science
Computer Science
Engineering Management

MATH 152E (ACT Math below 22) then MATH 174 then MATH 175
MATH 152 (ACT Math: 22 or higher) then MATH 174 then MATH 175
MATH 174 (ACT Math: 24 or higher) then MATH 175
MATH 175 (ACT Math: 27 or higher)