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Scholarship Appeal Form

Students may file a scholarship appeal if the academic renewal criteria was not met due to extenuating circumstances.

  • The Scholarship Appeal Committee may request additional information.
  • The Scholarship Appeal Committee may approve your appeal with certain academic progress conditions.
  • If your appeal is denied, you will be responsible for expenses incurred at the college.
  • The decision of the Scholarship Appeal Committee is final.

Attach the following to this form (all items must be attached to be considered as a complete appeal for review by the committee):
  1. A typed letter stating: Appeals must include the reason they have not maintained the academic scholarship requirements in detail, and how the issue has been resolved to insure standards are met in the future.
  2. Documentation that supports your reason for appealing. Documentation must state the date(s) during which the circumstance occurred. Examples of supporting documentation: statement from doctor, police reports, death certificate, or letter from a professional (lawyer, doctor, minister) familiar with your circumstance.
  3. An unofficial transcript is available through your MyMoreheadState account. View instructions for obtaining transcripts
An incomplete Scholarship Appeal Request will be returned and will not be reviewed by the committee.

Appeal Process

A Scholarship Appeal Request form must be submitted to MSU Office of Financial Aid by the student and include a typed letter, supporting documentation and an unofficial transcript. The electronic form is available below and should be submitted as quickly as possible upon receiving a scholarship cancellation email. 
The student is responsible for payment arrangements with the institution pending a decision of the appeals committee. If approved, students will receive a plan and enter into a contract specifying academic requirements necessary to remain eligible to receive their scholarship for the remainder of their enrollment or until scholarship standards are achieved. Decisions made by the Scholarship Appeal Committee are final and cannot be appealed.
Term you are appealing:*

Is this your first scholarship appeal?:*

Reason for Appeal:

See instructions for required attachments above. All items must be attached to be considered as a complete appeal for review by the committee.
Certification Statement: I certify that all of the information provided is true to the best of my knowledge. If I purposely give false or misleading information on any financial aid documents, I may be fined, sentenced to jail or both.