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Winter Aid

Winter financial aid may be available to eligible admitted Morehead State University students enrolled in winter session. For registration and billing purposes, the Winter session(s) operates as a standalone term. For financial aid purposes, Winter session(s) enrollment is added into the spring semester to determine eligibility.

Student’s Cost of Attendance (COA) budget will be increased to include their Winter tuition, fees and estimated book and supply expenses.

A portion of student’s spring financial aid (which may include Federal Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized loans, alternative loans, Pell grant*, CAP grant** and KEES**) will first be applied to their winter bill and then to their spring bill.

*Title IV (federal) regulations allow for combining winter session credit hours with spring semester credit hours to determine students' eligibility for Federal Pell Grant. Federal Pell Grant awards will be awarded and/or adjusted accordingly.

** The Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority (KHEAA) regulations allow for combining winter session credit hours with spring semester credit hours to determine eligibility for the College Access Program (CAP) Grant and the Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship (KEES). Kentucky students eligible for CAP or KEES who enrolled part-time in the spring and who enroll in the Winter session(s) shall be considered and awarded accordingly.

Can I use my academic scholarships to pay for the winter term?

Academic Scholarships awarded to students during the fall/spring semesters are not available to students for the Winter session(s).

What if I do not have enough financial aid to cover both winter and spring?

If winter and spring balance is not covered with financial aid, students should complete one of the following options:  

If I take winter classes and have an academic scholarship, do I have to be full-time in the spring?

For academic scholarship purposes, winter semester hours do not count towards spring semester hours for fulltime enrollment. You must be enrolled full time regardless of the number of hours you took during a winter term.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Submit a 2022-2023 FAFSA application at­afsa.
  • Enroll in winter courses that apply toward degree student is currently seeking.
    • Students must be enrolled in at least six credits to receive direct loans.
      • Note: Winter and spring enrollment is combined for financial aid purposes.
      • Example: Student may enroll in 3 hours winter session and 3 hours spring semester. For loan purposes, the “at least six credits to receive direct loans” requirement has been met.
  • Be an admitted Morehead State University student and meet any of these criteria:   
  • An Undergraduate or Graduate student making Satisfactory Academic Progress*; OR
  • A newly admitted Undergraduate or Graduate student for the winter; OR
  • A returning Undergraduate or Graduate student who has been re-admitted and has maintained Satisfactory Academic Progress; OR
  • A graduating senior who is completing degree requirements during winter session.**

SAP Appeals

*SAP Appeals are considered for winter financial aid eligibility. For more information about appealing your USAP, please visit the Satisfactory Academic Progress page.

**NOTE: Students that have completed all of their degree and major requirements prior to winter are NOT eligible.

Received winter Aid, but are Dropping, Cancelling, or Failing* a Course?

Dropping a course may result in your financial aid awards being revised. Awards are based on total hours enrolled during the winter and spring sessions. Therefore, dropping a course may cause an adjustment to your winter/spring financial aid.   

Cancelling a course may result in you being billed for a portion or all of your winter/spring financial aid. If you drop/cancel below 6 credits, your aid may be canceled. Students must be enrolled in at least 6 credits (winter/spring) to receive direct loans.

*Failing or not passing winter courses due to non-attendance may result in you being billed for a portion or all of your winter financial aid.

NOTE: Your financial aid is revised any time there is a change in your enrollment status during winter/spring sessions.