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Itzá A. Zavala-Garrett, Ph.D.

Professor of Spanish_DSC8425.JPG in the Dept. of Communication, Media & Languages (School of English, Communication, Media and Languages)


  • Ph.D. in Latin American Literature (2005), University of Colorado at Boulder
  • M.A. in Spanish (1996), Dept. of Foreign Language and Literature, Western Michigan University
  • Licenciada en Letras (B.A.) (1992), Facultad de Lenguas y Letras, Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro, México


Specialized Training

  • Seminars offered by the Graduate Teacher Program and Anderson Languages Technology Center (ALTEC):
    • Technology Certificate Program
    • Course Design
    • Teaching and Technology
    • Language and Culture
    • Teaching Foreign Literature Language
    • Creativity in the Classroom
    • Using Film in the Classroom

Teaching Specializations & Courses Taught

  • Specializations: contemporary Latin American literature and culture with primary emphasis on 20th century Mexican literature, anthropological and sociological approaches to literature, cultural studies, film studies and gender studies
  • SPA 101 - Spanish Language and Culture I
  • SPA 102 - Spanish Language and Culture II
  • SPA 201 - Intermediate Spanish I
  • SPA 202 - Intermediate Spanish II
  • SPA 300 - Grammar and Composition
  • SPA 301 - Survey of Peninsular Spanish Literature
  • SPA 302 - Colonial Spanish American Literature
  • SPA 305 - Conversation
  • SPA 309 - Explorations in Hispanic Cinema Analysis
  • SPA 315 - Introduction to Hispanic Literature
  • SPA 399 - Latin American Pop Culture
  • SPA 402 - Chicano Culture: Literature and Film or Masterpieces of Spanish American Literature
  • SPA 432 - Contemporary Spanish American Literature
  • SPA 440 - Seminar in Hispanic Literature and Film
  • SPA 304/306 - Spain or Latin America Culture and Civilization
  • SPA 432/699 - Contemporary Hispanic Literature and Cinema
  • SPA 476 - Directed Study (Contemporary Mexican Literature)
  • SPA 499C - Senior Seminar: Mexican Literature, Culture and History (capstone)


Itzá A. Zavala-Garrett holds a Ph.D. in Latin American Literature from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Before her present academic position, Dr. Zavala-Garrett worked for five years as a visiting professor at Wake Forest University. In addition, Dr. Zavala-Garrett has worked in numerous universities in Mexico as a Spanish and Literature professor including Instituo Tecnolgico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM), Universidad del Valle de México (UVM), and Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro (UAQ). Professor Zavala-Garrett has published various articles about Latin American writers and Hispanic cinema. Her book "How the 1968 Massacre of Tlatelolco Shaped the Development of Mexican Literature: A Study of the Intellectual Subject, Literary Genres, and Post-Modern Style" was published in 2017. Professor Zavala-Garrett's teaching methodology contains communicative approaches; each academic area is normally connected with her research interest in contemporary Latin American culture and literature, and Hispanic cinemas. Proximately, she will publish an analysis about Latino women directors in relation to contemporary literature in the United States.

In 2015, Dr. Zavala-Garrett received the Distinguished Teacher Award.



215D Breckinridge Hall