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Nettie Brock, Ph.D.

Dr. Nettie BrockAssistant Professor of Communication in the Dept. of Communication, Media and Languages (School of English, Communication, Media and Languages)


Ph.D. in Communication (2018), University of Missouri
M.A. in Cinema Studies (2012), San Francisco State University
B.A. in Broadcasting and Electronic Media: Film Techniques and Technologies (2008), Eastern Kentucky University


Critical Media Studies Gender Studies Television Genre Pop Culture


Nettie Brock studies the ways that the content of the media violates our expectations in interesting ways. Her dissertation created a new theory of television genre that moves away from genres as distinctive categorizations and towards considering genre as a complex rhizome of overlapping characteristics. Dr. Brock’s research looks at representation within pop culture texts. She has studied everything from Star Wars to Disney cosplay. She has presented this research at several conferences and has several published pieces.
At Morehead State, Dr. Brock teaches classes that critically analyze the media. She and her students look at the history of the media and the ways that the media works to understand their future careers as well as how the media functions in their personal lives.


303C Breckinridge Hall