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Social Media Minor

Students pursuing a minor in social media will learn how to utilize social media and e-marketing to engage customers and communicate brand and company value. You will explore social media techniques and learn how to develop marketing and branding strategies in corporate, non-profit, entertainment and news sectors.


Total Minor Requirements (21 Credit hrs.)

  • COMS 110 - Strategic Messaging (three credit hrs.) 
  • CVM 140 - Field Production Practices (three credit hrs.)  
  • CVM 201 - Media Writing (three credit hrs.) 
  • MKT 204 - Marketing (three credit hrs.) 
  • COMS 333 - Social Media and Community (three credit hrs.) 
  • MKT 340 - E-Marketing and Social Networking (three credit hrs., prerequisite MKT 204 or consent of instructor)
  • CVM 410 - Social Media Strategies (three credit hrs., prerequisite COMS 333 or consent of instructor)

For course lists and program requirements please refer to the undergraduate catalog.

For more information, contact:
Steven Middleton
215B Breckinridge Hall