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Dr. Doug Mock

Degrees/Certifications: Ph.D., Political Science with an emphasis in Constitutional Law and Political Theory; M.A. Political Science and Public Administration; B.A. Political Science.



Dr. Doug Mock received his undergraduate degree from the University of Central Florida, his master’s degree with an emphasis in public administration from the University of West Florida and his Ph.D. from Boston University. He has presented at major political science conferences and published a book chapter on presidential debating. He is currently working on a book on the U.S. Supreme Court viewed through the lens of natural law. His former academic positions include serving as an adjunct at the University of New England and at Pensacola State College.  He is the recipient of the “Outstanding New Faculty” Award at Pensacola State College in 2017 and a frequent commentator on both local and (once – MSNBC) national news on presidential campaigning and politics and presidential proposed budgets.

Research Interests:  

Constitutional law, natural law in the United States Supreme Court, the presidency and administrative law.  

Forthcoming publication:

  • Natural Law in the United States Supreme Court (Peter Lang, publisher).

Published Works:  

  • Book Chapter, “No Soviet Domination:  Presidential Debates, Public Opinion and the Media.”   Vol 2, Chapter 8 in  Culture, Rhetoric and Voting: The Presidential Election of 2012.  Bratteboro, Douglas and Jack Corravabus, ed.  University of Akron Press, 2015.   
  • Book Review of Knickerbocker Commodore:  The Life and Times of John Drake Sloat, 1781 – 1867.  “Nautical Research Journal.”    

Selected Conference Presentations:

  • Mt, Union University.  “Building the Record:  President Trump, Executive Orders, and Capriciousness.  Mt. Union University, April 2020 (pending).  
  • Indiana University Bloomington, Gateway Europe:  “A Catastrophic Success:  The Slave Trade in South Carolina and Virginia contrasted, 1689-1808”.  Presented at Indiana Bloomington, Berlin, Germany campus at 3rd Conference on “Slavery:  Past, Present and Future.” July 2018.
  • Mt. Union College.  "Locke, Immigration and the Obama Presidency."  - Presented at Mt. Union College (now Mt. Union University), October 2015.  
  • Boston University, “From Natural Law to Natural Rights to Social Justice”; Topics in Political Theory Series, March 2015.
  • Hiram College.   "'No Soviet Domination’: Presidential Debates, the media and the voter.”  Presented at Hiram College Conference on the 2012 presidential election, March 2013.
  • Roger Williams University.  “Conscientious Objectors in the American Revolution:  Anabaptists and Quakers compared and contrasted.”  Presented at Roger Williams University, April 2011.