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James Masterson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Political Science & Assistant Dean of the Caudill College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciencesmasterson.jpg


  • Ph.D. in Political Science (International Relations and Methodology), University of Cincinnati
  • MA in Political Science; University of Cincinnati
  • BA in Political Science and Mathematics, University of Cincinnati
  • Nagoya University of Foreign Studies Certificate of Completion
  • Nagoya University Certificate of Completion


Dr. Masterson (Ph.D., University of Cincinnati) focuses his research on international relations theory and research methodology with specialization on international political economy. His research interests include the international relations of East Asia in general and analyzing the nexus between Chinese foreign and economic relations with the world in particular.  Dr. Masterson teaches courses on International Relations Theory, Current World Problems, U.S. Foreign Policy, Asian Politics, Research Methods & Comparative Politics.  He also serves as the Director of the Master of Public Administration Program & Assistant Dean of the Caudill College.


Research Interests

  • International Relations, with emphasis on East Asia security
  • International Political Economy, with emphasis on interdependence and conflict
  • Methodology, with emphasis on survey research and statistics
  • Comparative Politics, with emphasis on East Asian politics

Peer-Reviewed Publications

  • “Cleaning Up China’s Air: The Effectiveness of the EEP Plan in Beijing,” E-International Relations, (March, 2021). ISSN 2053-8626. [Co-authored with Jingwen Wu].
  • “Chapter 7. Chinese Citizenry Social Media Pressures and Public Official Responses: The double-edged sword of social media in China,” in Sam Edwards, ed, Digital Transformation and Its Role in Progressing the Relationship Between States and Their Citizens (Hershey, PA: IGI Global, 2020), pp. 139-181. ISBN 978-1-7998-3152-5.
  • "Managing Inter-Institutional Collaboration on Role-Based Simulations: The case of model ASEAN Plus Three Summit," Education about Asia, 20:1 (Spring 2015) pp. 47-51, [co-authored with Ivan D. Ivanov].
  •  "Power, Interdependence and Conflict: What IR theories tell us about China's rise," Commonwealth Review of Political Science, 2:1, (March, 2015) pp. 4-31.
  • "Economic Interdependence and Its Limitations: A case study of recent Sino-Japanese and Sino-Korean economic and political relations." Asia-Pacific Studies, 1:1, 1-16. (November 2014).
  • "Social Media and China: A double-edged sword," in Sam Edwards and Diogo Santos, eds., Revolutionizing the Interaction between State and Citizens through Digital Communications (Hershey, PA: IGI Global, 2014), pp. 220-242. ISBN 978-1-4666-6292-6.
  • "Thirty Years of Growth in Kentucky's Prison Population and Spending: A multi-causal analysis," Contemporary Journal of Anthropology and Sociology, 3:2 (August 2013), pp. 235-256 [co-authored with Paul D. Steele].
  • "Analyzing China's Economic Interdependence and Political Relations With its Neighbours," China Information, 26:1 (March 2012), pp. 3-33. 

Other Publications

  • "Increasing the University Knowledgebase through International Education," Nagoya University Education Center for International Students News (June 2007) No. 22
  • "The Exports of Hazardous Waste." Discussion Paper No. 83 International Business Law in the 21st Century, (2001) pp.46-59. 


Invited Lectures

  • "The Future of Sino-Japanese Relations:  Where it's been and where it's going." Nagoya University Symposium on International Education, October 2011.
  • "Understanding the Growth Prison Population in the Commonwealth: A Multivariate," with Paul D. Steele and Ashley Adkins, Elmer R. Smith College of Business and Public Affairs Lectures Series, April 2011. 
  • "Peace through Trade: Can the Dragon be Tamed?" Elmer R. Smith College of Business and Public Affairs Lecture Series, February 2010.


  • Masterson, JamesMorehead State University American Center at Guangxi University, US Department of State, $75, 284.  Status:  Funded.
  • Masterson, James, Ford Fellow, Overseas Young Chinese Forum, $2,500.  Status:  Completed.


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