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About KCTM

“At the Kentucky Center for Traditional Music, music is a living tradition. We provide an atmosphere of creativity in order to encourage young artists to carry our heritage on to the next generation. Though the focus of our program is Bluegrass, Old Time and Country Music, we also provide mentoring and important life and business skills to help young people live successful lives as artists. This professional development comes through first-hand experience and interaction with the music community locally, regionally and ultimately around the world.

Whether your dream is a full-time career in music, or music is your serious interest, I hope you will consider all The Kentucky Center for Traditional Music has to offer. Until recent years, the study of Appalachian music has been included in curriculum as a peripheral musical style to be learned in the scope of classical rubric. In fact, the first courses in Bluegrass and Appalachian music at a school of higher education were taught as recently as 1971. Now at Morehead State University, you can earn the first Bachelor of Arts in Traditional Music Studies meeting National Association of Schools of Music accreditation requirements, a Minor in Traditional Music Studies – or you may choose to take our classes as electives.

For us, Traditional Music is: Bluegrass, Old Time, Country, Western Swing, Blues, Ballad Singing, Celtic, and all the music styles commonly identified with our southern mountain region. Music is the heartbeat of our culture and the lifeblood of our community. We strive to preserve, develop and celebrate our culture!” 

- Raymond McLain, director

About KCTM

The Kentucky Center for Traditional Music is dedicated to the preservation and teaching of traditional music. It also includes an archive of traditional music with a digitized permanent collection.