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The minor in traditional music studies provides for the study of traditional music as it is related to the creative cultural interaction in Appalachia that has produced a wealth of distinctive styles of music. As it relates to The Kentucky Center for Traditional Music at Morehead State University, "Traditional" Music includes Bluegrass, Old-Time, Country, Western Swing, Blues, Ballad Singing, Celtic, Gospel, and all music associated with our southern mountain region.

Program Requirements

Students must audition to be admitted to this minor. Traditional Music Theory classes (MUST 103, MUST 120, MUST 355 and MUST 445) must be taken in sequence.
Private Applied - choose eight credit hours
MUSP 238 (A-V) - Private Applied - Traditional Instruments (8 credit hours)
Subtotal: 8 credit hours
Ensembles - Choose four credit hours
MUSM 183 - Introduction Traditional Music Ensemble (1 credit hour)
MUSM 383 - Traditional Music Ensemble (1 credit hour)
Subtotal: 4 credit hours
Electives - choose nine credit hours
MUST 103 - Practical Theory for Traditional Music (2 credit hours)
MUST 120 - Aural Skills (2 credit hours)
MUST 355 - Traditional Vocal Harmony (2 credit hours)
MUST 445 - Chart Writing and Application (3 credit hours)
MUSH 338 - Traditional Music History I (3 credit hours)
MUSH 339 - Traditional Music History II (3 credit hours)
MUSH 340 - Traditional Music History III (3 credit hours)
Subtotal: 9 credit hours


Career Opportunities

The minor prepares students for musical performance and other professional music careers.