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Foreign Language Placement Test

We want you to progress as rapidly as possible in your chosen language without repeating information your already know. If you have studied French or Spanish for years in high school or have lived overseas, please DO NOT sign up for FRN 101 or SPA 101.

For further information, contact Dr. Philip Krummrich ( or 783-2726).

Once we receive your placement test results and you have spoken to the appropriate MSU foreign language instructor, we will recommend a language course that best suits your knowledge. If you are placed in a class above the first semester-level (i.e. FRN 201 or SPA 201), you will receive credit for the classes you skipped once you pass your first class. Thus, if you pass FRN 201, you will receive nine hours of credit for FRN 101, FRN 102 and FRN 201.


Additional Ways to Earn Credit

  • Take a CLEP examination.
  • Present evidence to the Testing Center (501 Ginger Hall) of a satisfactory score on the AP exam.