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Audition Results

All students that audition will be assessed by the faculty committed for the purpose of advising and determining admission status.  For the purpose of admission to the Music Programs at MSU, student will receive one of three results:


The student is fully admitted into the music program and is free to take classes in the major. Depending on the quality of the student's performance in their audition, the faculty audition committee may elect to recommend the student for a music scholarship.


The student is determined to be deficient in performance abilities. The student must work with their private teacher to determine what materials are needed to resolve the deficiencies and are given up to two semesters to receive unconditional admission. The student's private applied lessons do not count toward degree. The student is granted permission to take major courses for two semesters. If the deficiencies are not resolved within two semesters, the student will not be allowed to continue as a music major.

Do Not Admit

The faculty committee determines that the student is far too deficient to be successful as a music major. The student is not allowed to register for classes in any of the music degree programs.