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Cheng Cheng

Dr. Cheng ChengPosition: Assistant Professor
Degrees: Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering
Program/Department: School of Engineering and Computer Science
Research Interests: Biosensors, Wearable sensors, Point-of-care diagnostics, Microfluidics


Dr. Cheng joined MSU after receiving his Ph.D. from The University of Tennessee, Knoxville in 2017. He is currently serving as an assistant professor in the School of Engineering and Computer Science. His research focuses on using nanobiosensing technology to develop rapid and portable biosensing platforms for infectious disease diagnosis and environment monitoring. He also works on skin-interfaced wearable biomedical sensors that provide noninvasively real-time in situ detections of human body liquid that contains biomarkers. Dr. Cheng’s research is supported by NSF EPSCoR and has appeared in top academic conferences and high impacted journals such as ACS applied materials & interfaces, Microchimica Acta, ChemElectroChem, etc. In addition, Dr. Cheng has served as a reviewer for more than 10 scientific journals from America and Europe, and has reviewed more than 60 manuscripts for Microchimica Acta, Biosensors and Bioelectronics, IEEE Sensors Journal, etc. He also serves as the member of University’s Scholarship Appeals & Advisory Committee and the member of the School of Engineering and Computer Science Undergraduate Curriculum Committee.


310 Lloyd Cassity Building


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