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Middle Grades and Secondary Education

If you're an aspiring teacher, MSU’s Department of Middle Grades and Secondary Education provides initial certification programs for undergraduate and graduate students who want to teach in public or private middle and high schools.
Morehead State will help you achieve your dreams of teaching while making a difference in the lives of students by offering you the tools and knowledge needed to meet the challenges the classroom brings. You will receive thorough preparation and strong support in an environment that facilitates hands-on, personalized learning in the classroom combined with extensive field experience. Our students are immersed in research on effective classroom teaching and explore subjects such as:

  • Classroom organization and management
  • Educational methods and technology
  • Human growth and development
  • Learning theories, assessment and diversity

Active field experience will accompany all of your instructional methods classes. As a student, you’ll complete 200 hours of field experience before your final semester of student teaching begins. During your student teaching semester, you will work under experienced educators who will mentor you and provide feedback to improve your skills. The experience you gain at MSU will prepare you professionally to work effectively with students from diverse backgrounds who have a wide variety of needs.

The best way to learn more about MSU and the programs we offer is to schedule a visit. During your visit you will take a tour of campus, meet with engaging and experienced professors and students in your education program of interest and get a taste of the campus experience.

Advising Center

Advising is a crucial element in the successful completion of the teacher education program. The Volgenau College of Education Advising Center gives you access to staff and services focused on helping you as you progress through your degree and stay up-to-date with changes in teacher education.

Hands-On Research Opportunities

What you do in the classroom is just the beginning. Our Undergraduate Research Fellowships allow you to work side-by-side with faculty on creative projects and/or in-depth research as early as your first year on campus.

Quality Assurance and Accreditation

Faculty and staff at MSU celebrate your success and support you through challenges — in and outside of the classroom. MSU's Office of Teacher Education Services provides the information, guidance and support services you need as you work towards your goal of completing the teacher education program and initial teaching certification.

Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

If you are a professional who has earned an undergraduate degree and would like to obtain teacher certification and a graduate degree, MSU offers Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) programs in middle grades (5-9) and secondary education.
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