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Veterinary science students examining a dog.
The Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Science at MSU will give you the skills you need to prepare for veterinary school. Through a combination of biology, chemistry, agriculture and other classes, you'll receive a well-rounded education that prepares you for a career as a large or small animal veterinarian, as well as para-professional careers in government regulatory medicine and research and development.

Learning goes far beyond the classroom at MSU. You'll also gain valuable hands-on experience by working with horses, cows, pigs and other animals at the Derrickson Agricultural Complex, the University's 325-acre farm.

The program meets all the pre-entrance requirements for all of the major colleges of veterinary medicine in the U.S., but completion of the program does not guarantee acceptance into veterinary school.

Program Requirements

The first step is admission to Morehead State University, see  MSU admission requirements.        
Curriculum Map            
For course lists and program requirements please refer to the undergraduate catalog.

Career Opportunities

The Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Sciences, Veterinary Sciences prepares graduates who are able to apply to colleges of veterinary Medicine (CVM.)* Other opportunities may include para - professional careers in government regulatory medicine and in research and development.

*Completion of this degree option does not guarantee admission to a CVM.

MSU's Career Services offers career planning, interview and resume preparation assistance, internship placement, and services to help you find a job after you graduate.