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President's Home

Completed in 1929, the official home of the "first family" of the University is located at 300 MSU Way (formerly Battson-Oates Drive). MSU's first president, Frank C. Button, helped plan the residence which has been home to 13 of the University's 14 presidents. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1995.

The outside of the facility remained virtually unchanged until Dr. Adron Doran, the seventh president, was in residence. A brick terrace on the front side was reduced to the existing porch. The attic was finished to provide living quarters for a housekeeper and the basement, which originally had been a dirt floor, was converted into a family room and other facilities.  

The most significant change resulted in the enclosure of a porch on the east side of the home and the addition of a second story. Steps leading from the former porch into the side yard were removed.

The four-story structure has had minor internal renovations throughout the years. To make it more accessible for those with disabilities, a lift was installed in 2007.

A more significant renovation was undertaken in 2017. Plumbing and electrical systems were updated throughout the structure.