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Election Information

The following information is intended to serve as an official call for nominations for individuals to serve as Staff Congress Representatives. Below are the Staff Congress Election Calendar and list of vacant positions. 
Staff Congress Representatives are nominated from, and elected by, the staff of Morehead State University.  There are 30 representatives on Staff Congress, representing a balanced percentage from each geographic area. 
A candidate for Staff Congress Representative must be a full-time staff employee of Morehead State University. Persons nominated for all positions will be contacted to confirm that they agree to be on the election ballot. 
There is no limit on the number of candidates who can declare nomination or be nominated for the 2022-2023 elections. 
Staff Congress Representatives are elected to act for geographic areas of MSU (both on and off-campus). More information on the Staff Congress Representation Model can be found in the Staff Congress Bylaws at 

Election Notification  

The 2022 Staff Congress election will be held online April 12-13. Each eligible staff member will have the opportunity to vote via electronic ballot. The election link will be sent to your MSU email account prior to the election. 

2022 Staff Congress Election Calendar 

Wednesday, March 16 
Nomination forms distributed via email to staff members 
Friday, March 25 
Deadline to submit nomination forms online: 4 p.m. 
Wednesday, March 30 
Sample ballot distributed by Credentials & Election Committee 
Tuesday, April 12  
Wednesday, April 13 
Staff Congress Election Online 

Vacant Positions  

The following Staff Congress positions (with specified terms) will be filled through the 2022 election process. All position responsibilities will begin on July 1, 2022. 
Area 1 
2 Representatives – 3 Year Term  
Area 2 
2 Representatives – 3 Year Term 
Area 3 
No vacancies 
Area 4 
1 Representative – 3 Year Term 
Area 5 
2 Representative – 3 Year Term 

Area Geographic Breakdown 

Area 1 
Area 2 
Area 3 
Area 4 
Area 5 
CHER Building 
Alumni Tower 
Baird Music Hall 
Enrollment Services  
Allie Young Hall 
Claypool-Young Art Building 
Breckinridge Hall 
Eagle Center 
Howell-McDowell Adm. Bldg. 
Button Hall 
Ginger Hall 
Grote-Thompson Hall 
Eagle Trace 
Kentucky Traditional Music Center 
Camden-Carroll Library  
Rader Hall 
Laughlin Health Bldg. 
Educational Service Building 
Kentucky Folk Art Center 
Combs Building 
Recreation & Wellness Center 
Rice Maintenance Building 
Ashland SBDC 
University Farm/Vet Tech 
Fields Hall 
Space Science 
Weatherby Gymnasium 
Montgomery Co. Adult Ed Center 
Lappin Hall 
MSU @ Ashland 
Lloyd Cassity 
MSU @ Mt. Sterling 
Reed Hall 
MSU @ Prestonsburg 
Power Plant 
All other off campus locations 
Toni Hobbs, Chair of Credentials and Elections Committee, can address questions regarding the upcoming election, at