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2018 Staff Salutes


Joann Conley works at Carl D. Perkins Vocational Training Center she, is a jack of all trades. She submits all MSU contract employee's timesheets, works with Dr. Chua, administrative secretary for psychology and much more.... Joann, always has time for a question or to find out answers MSU contract employees may have. She is one of a kind and is so deserving of a staff salute.

Patricia Hyden has worked at Growing Together Childcare and Training Center for 18 years and is a dedicated employee who rarely misses work and always has a smile on her face.



Xavier Scott has gone above and beyond in his work for First Year Seminar. In spite of his regular job responsibilities, Xavier has not only organized and posted the material, but has extensively edited the content. He never seems to get frustrated. Plus he is teaching a section of FYS!


Theresa Davis is the cornerstone of the Provost’s office. She is always willing to help anyone who needs it and greets you with a smile when you enter her office. She is frequently here working late in the afternoon which does not go unnoticed. Theresa is an asset to MSU!

Cathy Vance is a hidden gem on the MSU campus. She carries a heavy load of responsibility on the MSU campus and works some very long days. Cathy is a dedicated worker who is excellent at her job and would be very difficult to replace. We are very fortunate to have her at MSU.

Alicia Stidam is a great asset to the MSU community and especially to the students of MSU. Her ability to show compassion and care to her patients doesn’t go without notice. Her tireless efforts and long days are appreciated by the students she tends to each day.


Scott McGlone and his guys are the hardest working crew on campus and they don’t always get the recognition they deserve! There were many, many activities happening during Homecoming and Scott was pulled in many different directions. But he never complained or seemed irritated. He completed every task asked of him with a smile. He truly went above and beyond and embodied “other duties as assigned.” It often goes unrecognized, but our university would not be the same without Scott!


Brenda, Sunshine, and Josh (Craft Academy) are always putting in extra time to do things for our students: cooking breakfast for 120 of our students, taking our students to the hospital when they are sick, and hosting parties and activities on the weekends. They always go above and beyond to make sure the Craft Academy is a home away from home for our students.



Today, staff have been asked by Staff Congress to pitch in and help clean up campus. Donna Calvert is way ahead of you. She and her office workstudy Nick Anderson gathered broken limbs and sticks from the blacktop pad adjacent to the E parking lot behind Howell-McDowell, and piled them up so that Facilities could pick them up. The area is now much easier to walk through! Thanks Donna!

Donna is one of the friendliest and most helpful people on campus. When you enter the President's office, you are always greeted with a smile and a kind word. She is constantly helping students, faculty, staff and external constituents get answers to questions, address concerns, and any number of other things that people need. She is a great asset to the President's office and to MSU.

It's been a real pleasure working with Karen Cornett since she joined HPPIL a year ago. She did the jobs of two ADSs for most of that time, filling in for a vacancy in Sociology. She has all the virtues of a great ADS: diligence and work ethic, great attention to detail, cheerful demeanor, patience with faculty, outstanding knowledge of the campus, etc. But she also goes above and beyond in too many ways to list. I recently came across Karen painting the Rader hallway - at 6 pm on a Friday!


Gwen Trusty is one of the most efficient administrative assistants on campus. She stays on top of things and makes sure the College of Science meets important institutional deadlines and that the information submitted is accurate to the best of her ability. The responsibilities she has carried during transitions in leadership over the past few years are huge, but she gives it 100% and always has a smile or laugh that brightens your day. I don't know what we would do without people like Gwen at MSU.


I would like to nominate Michelle Hutchinson for an MSU staff salute. Michelle went above and beyond to help me with an HR related matter on 9/13/2018. She’s always helpful even in stressful and demanding situations. Thank you, Michelle. Your assistance is always appreciated. Sincerely, Holly Pollock Office of Enrollment Services.


Sometimes those "behind the scenes" do not get recognized as they should. Della Johnson does an outstanding job. She is a very dependable employee who deserves a pat on the back!

I would like to salute Gaylena Cline, Shayla Dunn, and Selena Bailey for all the hard work that they do while processing payroll for all employees of the University. Many times their work goes unnoticed until an employee has an issue with their payroll check. I know that in the past several months there have been several changes that have taken place in employees pay, such as retirement changes and dental changes. During this time, there were several employees that had benefits coded incorrectly on their records and the Payroll staff had to do lots and lots of manual adjustments in order to correct these issues. Gaylena works tirelessly making sure that exempt employees are paid correctly, ensures that all employees retirement is submitted correctly and gets us all our W2s in January. Selena works to ensure that all non-exempt employees are paid correctly, and Shayla is on top of getting our students paid, so we can have additional working labor in our departments. I just want to thank Gaylena, Shayla and Selena for all their continued hard work. Your efforts do not go unnoticed by many!



Kristina Gullett is a great person to work with. I have to call her all the time for issues with student bills and she is always able to help me quickly resolve the issue at hand. Thankful for someone who is kind and always willing to help when I need her.


Kathy Hargett is a key member of the PPE team. She supports multiple offices, processes, students, and staff members. Leading up to the start of the fall semester, she has spent a lot of extra time in the Testing Center to ensure that we were able to meet the needs of students before classes began. She goes out of her way to support her coworkers and never complains. We sincerely appreciate her positive attitude. MSU is better because Kathy Hargett is an employee here.


Heidi McDaniel always has a smile on her face and is always willing to help students however she can. She is a very important part of the Financial Aid team and we couldn't do it without her!


Jen Timmermann quietly goes about championing the needs of transfer students at MSU. She has done incredible work in developing partnership opportunities with KCTCS institutions as well as out of state. She does an incredible job for this group of students and helps MSU develop stronger partnerships.


Betty Jo Wallace goes above and beyond to not only take care of the employees under the Student Affairs umbrella, she assists students and families with her cheerful disposition. She steps outside her normal duties to assist in any matter or concern she is presented with and is a true asset to the University.



We are very lucky to Esther McClain in the Upward Bound office. She always has the answers and is willing to help out wherever needed.  She provides great leadership to the office staff and offers insightful opinions that are beneficial to the program.



Joe Stiltner works tirelessly during the year to coordinate the parking responsibilities for MSU.  He always has a helpful attitude and goes out of his way to assist faculty, staff and students.  I always look forward to working with Joe because he provides creative answers that allow all of us to work better cooperatively.  MSU is better because Joe Stiltner is here. Joe is very dedicated to the daily operations of the traffic office.  This time of year he is extremely busy selling parking passes and manually entering in each parking pass purchased.  With his busy schedule he still greets every visitor with a warm welcome and enthusiasm. Thanks Joe!



JuneCarry Harris

This past week, MSU had over 60 doctoral students from across Ky. and the south on campus for a series of classes. During this time the AC went out in Ginger Hall.  Dr. Tim Simpson and Cary Harris worked to move all classes to other buildings. They also served lunch during these days. They are an excellent example of servant leadership.  I am glad that I get to work alongside people who put students first and will work to do what is best.

We are very lucky to have Esther McClain in the Upward Bound office.  She always has the answers and is willing to help out wherever needed.  She provides great leadership to the office staff and offers insightful opinions that are beneficial to the program.
Xavier Scott

I would like to nominate David Flora and his team for their commitment to providing excellent customer service and the resources and training staff who were fractionalized need before they start their teaching experience this fall. I have heard nothing  but positive feedback from this group and their support of staff and all instructional personnel.



Angela Kelsey is the embodiment of grace under pressure. In the last few months she’s had triple her normal workload and she always manages to find time to get things done and on time. She is the glue that holds our office together and I want her to know how much we all appreciate her in UB/UBMS.


I would like to thank everyone who made the Celebration of Student Scholarship such a success this year. To the moderators, judges, participants and mentors. This is an incredible event to in which to participate.

Tom Murphy is a Senior Database Research Analyst in the Office of Institutional Research and Analysis. With the recent retirement of Mark Schafer, Tom has worked hard to assume some very complicated reporting responsibilities for MSU. He is doing an excellent job and we appreciate his hard work.


Rob Lacy works as an Information Technology Specialist at the IT Help desk. He is always very helpful and goes above and beyond what is required to make sure our problems are resolved. He is always very personable and pleasant to work with. We (Research and Sponsored Programs) appreciate his hard work and cheerful attitude.

Since Mr. Kim Oatman has become a part of the MSU family, he has been responsive to the University's needs, shared information in a timely manner, and has worked through unexpected issues such as frozen pipes and snow storms without a break in services to University personnel. We look forward to working with Mr. Oatman in the future as the physical landscape of MSU changes over time.


I would like to nominate the staff of Counseling and Health Services for staff salute. After a trying Fall semester we are still in business and ready to serve the students of MSU! Staff, please let students know that we are available to them, M - F, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Employees can call 3-2055 with questions regarding employee services.

We would like to salute Dr. Scott Niles for his many years of service to Morehead State University in the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, as well as his numerous years of service on Staff Congress. Dr. Niles has served on the Executive Leadership Council as Parliamentarian, Vice-Chair, and is currently in his second term as Chair. Dr. Niles will be leaving university employment to pursue an opportunity at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia.  We wish Dr. Niles much success in his new endeavor!