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COVID-19 Operations

Prior to entering the clinic, we are asking everyone to call us at 606-783-2055 ahead of time to schedule an appointment. Due to COVID-19 and social distancing guidelines, we are no longer accepting walk-ins unless you are in emergency or crisis. You must call the clinic to schedule. At this time, we are only allowing those with appointments or in emergency/crisis to enter the clinic. If you have an appointment, please come alone and do not bring others with you unless you receive prior permission by a CHS representative to do so. Whoever attends with you will be asked to wait outside the clinic for you to return, they will not be permitted to stay in the lobby area. If you are early for your appointment, call the clinic upon arrival to let a CHS representative know as you may be asked to wait outside until your appointment.
 Wear a mask before entering
Prior to entering the clinic, we are asking everyone to don a mask. We have single use masks available at the door for anyone who does not have one.
We have single use masks for anyone who doesn't have one.
We are also asking you use hand sanitizer once you arrive at the clinic. We have sanitation stations available in the lobby.
Use hand sanitizer.

After arriving at CHS, donning your mask, and using hand sanitizer, a CHS Medical Clinic Representative will enter the lobby to take your temperature.
We'll take your temperature.


We’ve marked out the appropriate socially-distanced standing areas while waiting to check in. Please do not crowd behind the person in front of you, you will be asked to step-back and adhere to our regulations while in the clinic.
 Maintain appropriate distance in line.

Please stand 6 feet apart.

Check-in will be conducting as it usually is with you waiting in line for your turn, giving necessary information/paperwork needed for your appointment, and filling out electronic paperwork if your appointment type calls for it. 
Check in and present or fill out paperwork.

Paperwork will be filled out electronically.

When you arrive at the clinic, you’ll notice a few extra signs placed around the lobby. We are asking everyone to social distance whenever possible, including when you are waiting for your appointment. We have marked off areas for seating, please abide by these signs to help keep an appropriate distance between yourself and others.
 Spacing is required in waiting area.
Keep your mask on even after you are checked in and waiting!!!
Keep your mask on while you wait.

Due to COVID-19, we are recommending telehealth appointments whenever possible. Want so schedule an appointment? Call the clinic at 606-783-2055 to speak with a CHS representative who can answer your questions.
Telehealth is available.

For additional safety measures during COVID-19, our staff is performing around the clock cleaning and preparation maintenance to further ensure the safety of our students & staff.
Cleaning is performed around the clock.

After completing your appointment, side doors have been marked for you to exit through. Exiting through the lobby is no longer permitted in order to keep a steady flow of appointments with social distancing COVID-19 guidelines intact.
Look for signs to enter and exit.