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Disability Services

The goal of Morehead State's Office of Disability Services is to ensure that the University's programs, activities, services and the campus itself are accessible to all of our students and visitors. This site describes the process to qualify for accommodations, information about service and emotional support animals, student and faculty resources and more.



For a successful and healthy semester, some adjustments in Disability Services office procedures were made recently. Please be assured that your accommodation needs remain the priority of this office and will continue to be promptly addressed.
To officially register and qualify for accommodations for the first time, you will need to discuss your needs at an Intake Session. Intakes are generally being conducted by phone or WebEx at this time. To schedule yours, send an email to: You will receive a prompt reply offering you a choice of appointment times and meeting formats.
If you do not need to register with the Disability Services office at this time but would like to discuss a disability-related concern, you may speak with the DS Coordinator at: 606-783-5188 or you may communicate and resolve your issue via email:
If at some point you have a situation that you’d feel more comfortable discussing in person, it may be arranged. Unlike previously though, you'll need to email or call beforehand to set an appointment instead of just stopping by. The reason for this change is that our reconfigured lobby no longer has a waiting area so only one student can be admitted at a time. 
All meetings inside the DS office require attendees to wear a face mask. If your healthcare provider has advised you against wearing one, we can instead arrange a WebEx meeting.
I look forward to talking with you soon.
Evangeline Day, DS Coordinator