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Why Should I get an internship or Co-op Job?

According to the National Association of Colleges & Employers (NACE), candidates with career-related experience receive more interviews, more job offers, and higher starting salaries than candidates without such experience.

Following are some of the reasons why you should get an internship or co-op:

  • Gain experience for your resume
  • Helps you understand the industry and the job
  • Might be an entryway to a full-time job
  • Helps you get specialized training from the employer

How do I get an internship or co-op job?

There are multiple methods to secure an internship or co-op job:

  • Your own network of faculty, staff, and past employers
  • Eagle CareerNet
  • Employment sites around the internet; a list can be found below.
  • MSU Career Center-Internship Interest Form

Internships through MSU339

MSU 339 is an internship program provided by Morehead State University through Career Services. This opportunity is a competency based practical work experience designed to integrate theoretical aspects of education with work experience. Must have consent of instructor and learning contract must be signed and submitted to Career Services before add/drop date. You must also submit an up to date resume to career services along with your contract for review. To find out more information about this internship, download the MSU 339 internship packet below.

In addition to MSU 339, Morehead State University also offers experiential education courses within many academic programs.

Please return completed MSU 339 learning contracts to