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Mentor & Mentee Agreement


We have voluntarily entered into a mentoring relationship. As a mentee I will openly discuss my career goals and experiences for the purpose of shared learning and career enhancement. As a mentor, I agree to respect my mentee in regards to their independent goals. We agree to attempt to work through any communication challenges or relationship conflicts that may arise during the relationship, but understand that we can terminate this relationship at any time by contacting the mentoring program coordinator. We may or may not be matched with a different mentor/mentee.


We understand that confidentiality is critical to developing a trusting mentoring relationship. Consequently, we agree to maintain the confidentiality of the person and business experiences that we share with each other. Furthermore, we understand that we will both uphold the same standard of confidentiality.

Time Commitment

We commit to working together at least 4 hours each month. As a mentee, I am expected to attend ALL workshops associated with DREAMS. As a mentor, I am encouraged to attend these workshops with my mentee to further develop our mentoring relationship.


We will hold ourselves to the expectations as outlined in the initial orientation session. Together we will create long term and short term objectives to make our time together meaningful and productive.

By checking this box, I, AS MENTOR, agree to the terms of confidentiality explained above.:*
By checking this box, I, AS MENTEE, agree to the terms of confidentiality explained above.:*