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New Students

Be connected to the campus community while building a sense of independence by living on campus. Whether it’s your classmates, your roommates, your fellow Eagles in your residence hall or your resident advisors (RAs), there’s always the potential for a friendly interaction or a shared experience.

We offer a variety of housing styles, from traditional 2-person residence halls to 4-person suites and University-owned apartments for 1-3 occupants. All of our halls offer high-speed wireless internet and HD digital television. You’ll also have easy access to cooking facilities, vending machines and laundry options within your hall.

Many of our residence halls are newly renovated and our newest hall (Andrews Hall) opened in Fall 2016. It is complete with spacious, suite-style rooms, Wi-Fi connectivity throughout and numerous student/study meeting areas with the needs and expectations of current and future students in mind.

Living with a Roommate

College will be full of challenges, many leading to rewarding results and your growth as an independent adult. Living with a roommate is one of these challenges- and an opportunity to make a lifelong friend.

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What to Bring?

what You'll Need

What to Bring

Not sure what to bring when you move into your residence hall? We can provide you with guidance on items you might need, things you might share with your roommate(s), and things you won't need to bring. We can't wait to welcome you to your home away from home.

Safety and Security

At MSU, we take safety and security in the residence halls exceptionally seriously. We are consistently ranked among the safest campus in KY and the nation.

Safety and Security

Safety on Campus