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Founded in 1992, the Morehead State University Gender Studies Program offers an interdisciplinary minor, and connects a dynamic group of faculty, staff, and students committed to the university values of inclusion and diversity. The Gender Studies Program fosters learning and partnerships that span divisions of gender, sex, race, ethnicity, class, religion, age, able-bodiedness, and nationality, creating a new understanding of power dynamics and gender categories, and empowering individuals and communities.


Students minoring in Gender Studies can choose from a wide range of courses in disciplines such as sociology, English, social work, communications, and philosophy.  

Why Minor in Gender Studies?

A Gender Studies minor will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to better understand gender-related issues and the way gender colors most aspects of the world around you.  You will be able to recognize gender norms as being relevant to all your social settings, ranging from the privacy of your home and family to the workforce and the national/international political arena.  Transformative on a personal level, your education in Gender Studies will also make you attractive to employers in the fields of law, medicine, social work, teaching, counseling, and government service, among others.