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The College of Science has facilities equipped with state-of-the-art technology and other unique features to help you further understand complex lessons in your chosen subject, giving you the hands-on experience essential for entering today’s job market.

Center for Health, Education & Research

The $26 million modern health education and research facility houses simulators for nursing, physician assistant and imaging sciences students, as well as a testing and multimedia center, allowing online testing and the performance of computerized instructional modules to improve student learning. The facility also has classrooms and collaboration space, offices for the Nursing and Imaging Sciences departments and the St. Claire Family Medicine Clinic. 

Space Science Center

The Space Science Center is the home of MSU’s Department of Earth and Space Sciences. The $16.4 million facility includes a 21-meter space tracking antenna, spacecraft verification facilities, space systems development lab and clean room, satellite tracking antenna systems, an anechoic chamber, antenna test range, astrophysics laboratory, micronano systems characterization lab, radio frequency (RF) and wireless lab, and is home to MSU’s digital Star Theater.

Star Theater

This digital theater is unlike anything else in the region. It serves as a classroom and planetarium for the region’s educators, MSU students and the general public. Images are projected on a 40-foot dome screen with six digital projectors and surround sound, providing viewers with a full 360-degree viewing experience. The Star Theater offers both educational programs about science and entertainment programs featuring dazzling laser light shows set to popular music.

Molecular Lab

MSU has a state-of-the-art molecular biology core research laboratory to enhance scientific investigations in many fields, including biology and neuroscience.

Derrickson Agricultural Complex

This 350-acre complex, also known as the University Farm, houses 48 students and is home to the Equine Health Education Center. The facility also includes Richardson Arena, which seats 2,000 for regional horse shows, as well as indoor and outdoor riding facilities. The farm also houses a small animal hospital complete with kennels, along with sheep, cattle and swine operations. The farm has a greenhouse and horticulture operations, which provide plants, fruits and vegetables for the campus community and the general public.

Equine Medical and Surgical Facility

This 6,000 square foot building educates students in modern equine veterinary technology, including ultrasound, fiber optic endoscopy, surgery, advanced reproductive techniques, intensive care management and digital radiology.

Browning Orchard

Morehead State University Education and Field Station at Browning Orchard is a working part of the MSU Department of Agricultural Sciences and provides students an opportunity to learn more about agribusiness, horticulture and orchard management. The orchard is located in the community of Wallingford in neighboring Fleming County.