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Parents & Families

Living in campus housing is an excellent opportunity for your student to grow and develop in a safe and secure environment that promotes their individuality. The transition process from home to campus can be an exciting, but challenging time, not only for your child, but also for you. The Office of Student Housing exists to ensure that both you and your student feel supported and are made aware of the services and opportunities we provide. You’ll find resources on this site to help your student transition to campus while fostering their independence and growth. Welcome to the MSU family!

For more information and resources, visit MSU's Parents & Families website.

Helping Your Student

Ways to Help

The Eagle has left the nest

Even though your student has moved away, he or she still needs your support and guidance during their college years. We have some tips to help you help your Eagle out of the nest.

Encouraging Independence

Although it may be difficult to see your student leave home, remember that he/she is learning skills that will lead not only to a successful education and career, but also to a satisfying life. Part of the college experience is learning to be self-sufficient and independent.

Student independence

Teaching Independence