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Student Resources


Here you'll find forms and information for registration, withdrawal, degree verification and more.

For information on how to register for classes using Student Planning Self-Service, along with instructions for My Progress, visit the links below or contact the Office of the Registrar at 606-783-2008 or email

After consulting with your academic advisor, you may register for classes online via the Student Self-Service Menu at MyMoreheadState. View the academic calendar to determine when you may register for classes.

To withdraw from the University, a student must complete a withdrawal form with the Office of the Registrar. It is important for a student's academic record to reflect an official withdrawal. Entitled refunds are not made unless the withdrawal is properly recorded. If a portion of your account was paid by federal financial aid, you might have to repay a portion of these funds to the University. Please review the Return of Title IV Funds Policy for more information.

Withdrawals should be emailed from the student's MSU email account and sent to

In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and Morehead State University policy, non-directory information (city/state or hometown) from your official cumulative file may not be released without your written consent, except to persons engaged in the proper performance of university duties.

You also have the right to inspect, review, and challenge all official educational records, files, and data directly related to you. Request for access to such records must be made in writing to the Registrar, Morehead State University, 201 Ginger Hall.

Questions concerning this law and the University policy may be directed to the Office of the Registrar.

Change of Address Instructions

You may update your address, add an email address, phone numbers, and emergency contact information online using MyMoreheadState.

  • Step 1: Log into your account.
  • Step 2: Select the Self-Service Link. Self-Service icon
  • Step 3: Select the "User Options" icon located on the left navigational bar
  • Step 4: Select "User Profile" or "Emergency Information"
  • Step 5: Select the "Pencil" icon to update your information or the “Add New Information" button to add addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, and emergency or missing person contact information.

If you do not have access to MyMoreheadState, you can submit the Change of Address Form. Please complete the form, sign it and email it to or you can mail the completed form to:

Office of the Registrar
201 Ginger Hall
Morehead, KY 40351.

Note: International Students must complete their change of address through the Office of International Services.


To request a replacement diploma, use the link below to provide information about the degree to the best of your knowledge. Once the request is received, you will be notified via email if it has been approved or denied. If the request is approved, an order will be placed for that diploma.

Please note that diploma reprints for duplicate diplomas are not issued. Replacement diploma orders are for diplomas that have been lost, destroyed, or a legal name change has been made.

Morehead State University does not retain copies of diplomas and reprints will have the names of MSU's current president and chair of the Board of Regents. In addition, we do not complete on-demand reprints. Diploma replacements are ordered once five replacements have been requested.


You may request an Enrollment Verification using Student Self-Service. Student Self‐Service saves you a trip to the Registrar’s Office by providing you with the ability to perform the following services securely via the MyMoreheadState portal, 24/7, and at no cost to you:

  • Print enrollment verification certificates to send to housing providers or other organizations requiring proof of your enrollment
  • Check the deferment forms and electronic notifications sent to your lenders;
  • View your enrollment history
  • View enrollment verifications provided to student self‐service providers at your request

Student Self‐Service is easy to use and secure. Student Self‐Service is provided through the National Student Clearinghouse, a nonprofit organization serving the higher education community.


Morehead State University has contracted with the National Student Clearinghouse to provide 24/7 degree and enrollment-checking services for alumni, students and employers around the world.

For access to and general information about degree and enrollment information, please visit our provider National Student Clearinghouse. You must register your company information with the National Student Clearinghouse to use this service.


You may request a Letter of Good Standing, Degree Verification Letter, or Current Schedule by emailing from your MSU email account.

Contact the Registrar's Office

Office of the Registrar

201 Ginger Hall
Morehead, KY 40351

PHONE: 606-783-2008
FAX: 606-783-9103