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Employee Services


If you're having issues with technology, browse our knowledge base, or report issues through the OIT Help Desk. Log in to and select OIT Help Desk under Campus Applications to schedule an appointment, put in a work order, or find solutions.

Employee Computing

The Morehead State University Microcomputer Acquisition Program (MAP) facilitates replacement of microcomputers located in academic labs, classrooms, and campus offices. Replacing computers on a four-year cycle allows MSU to maintain up-to-date desktop and portable computing technology in student labs and faculty/staff offices enhancing our ability to provide a high-quality learning experience. Information Technology currently installs approximately seven hundred replacement computers that are acquired in the summer. These units are both replacements for existing machines reaching the end of their replacement cycle and initial placement machines increasing the number of computers included on MAP.

Employee Email & Office 365

Microsoft Exchange through Office 365 is the primary email system for MSU faculty and staff. In addition to email, Exchange can provide calendars and scheduling, contacts, one drive storage technology, notes, task lists and access to public folders. Each Exchange user is provided with 50 GB of mailbox space. This quota applies to all messages in your inbox, outbox (sent mail), and other stored folders on the Exchange server (but it does not apply to folders you have stored on your PC). Office 365 also provides applications such as Groups (replaces Team Sites).


  • 50 GB email storage
  • Sync on mobile devices
  • Access online from anywhere
  • Unlimited storage via Microsoft OneDrive technology
  • 5 free copies of Microsoft Office to all account holders
  • Students/faculty/staff/retirees/alumni are all on the same email platform.


Employee email is established when your online account is activated within the Eagle Account Center (after you complete the hiring process through HR.)
It may take up to 4 hours after activation of your account within the Eagle Account Center before your email is active.
You may confirm your email address by logging in to the Eagle Account Center using your EagleID and Eagle Pass. Your email address is (e.g. Your password is your Eagle Pass.



Information Technology offers support of multimedia audio-visual systems in the classroom. IT will design a system, specify equipment, and will oversee installation that will meet the classroom multimedia instructional needs. After installation, IT also provides support to ensure the system continues to perform as specified.

Ellucian Colleague Basics

Ellucian Colleague is MSU’s relational database used to maintain records including, but not limited to, the following: 

  • Student
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Financial Aid

Mobile Computing

Network Storage through MSU Network Drive

Morehead State University computers have a network drive mapped as the M: drive and labeled "MSU Network Drive". This area is for departmental storage of University data and files shared between employees for business purposes. To obtain shared network storage or to update membership of an existing shared drive, please submit your request to

Suggested Uses: active file storage for departments, administrative information storage, critical department document backup, departmental file sharing

Not Intended For: active file storage for individuals, critical individual document backup, software, music, movies or pictures that are not related to work, system backups, archival course materials

Security & Information

VPN (Remote Desktop) Connection

Morehead State University allows employees access to our Virtual Private Network (VPN) for use when they are off campus. In order to have VPN access, the user's supervisor will need to request the access from the Office of Information Technology. The user will be notified when access has been made available. To setup VPN access the user must visit; connection to this site is only available while off campus. The recommended browser to use is Microsoft Edge and others may not work.

The web will auto-detect the operating system and will provide a button to install and configure your machine with the Cisco AnyConnect client utility. Use your Eagle ID and EaglePASS when prompted for login. You may be prompted to enter the VPN server address, which is You must click on Cisco AnyConnect and choose "Connect" in order to establish a VPN connection. At the end of your session you must disconnect the Cisco AnyConnect client.


Visit to access our online meeting client. To add this option to Outlook Calendar invites, visit the site and click DOWNLOADS to access web productivity tools.

Wireless Network

Morehead State University currently offers an unsecured, limited access wireless network titled "MSU_GUEST" and a secure network entitled "MSU_Secure".  Access to the MSU_Secure network is available by entering your Eagle ID and Eagle PASS.

Morehead State University offers a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection for employees who travel or work from home. this is a secure, encrypted tunnel providing access to campus resources from remote sites with the same privileges as an on campus connection. Request for activation of this service must be made by the department chair or director of the individual needing access.