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Adult Students

Whether you're attending Morehead State to earn a new degree, hone your job skills, or complete a degree program that was interrupted in the past, MSU can help you reach your goals.

MSU offers convenient, flexible classes in a traditional classroom setting on our Morehead campus, many of our regional campuses and at the University Center of the Mountains in Hazard. We also offer a variety of classes and degree programs online. 


Financial Assistance

Morehead State can help you navigate through financial aid forms and paperwork. We also offer a variety of scholarships, including some specifically for adult and transfer students. 

Students may also take advantage of the following programs:

  • The Caudill Fellowship allows students, 65 and older, to attend MSU at no cost. To be eligible for the Caudill Fellowship, you must first apply for admission to Morehead State University by completing the Admission and Scholarship Application. In addition to the admission application, you may be required to submit transcripts or other forms needed for admission processing purposes to Enrollment Services. Students already accepted for study at MSU do not have to reapply for admission to be eligible for the Caudill Fellowship.
  • Project Graduate is a program for students returning to college with more than 80 credit hours, includes a free application, tuition assistance and other incentives. At MSU, you completing your degree is a reality. As a returning student with more than 80 credit hours, you have nearly finished your degree. That makes you eligible for exclusive incentives, such as free application, priority enrollment and individual advising.



PINNACLE, the international nontraditional honorary chapter at MSU, ensures that non-traditional students receive the recognition they deserve for academic achievement attained while managing family and work responsibilities.

If you have questions, contact Jen Timmermann, director of transition services.