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COVID-19 Hotline

If you think you may have been exposed or have questions about COVID-19, please call the MSU hotline at 606-783-4222 or email

General Guidelines

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Kentucky health authorities, and others have lifted the restrictions that were in place during the height of COVID-19. Likewise, beginning June 11, 2021, Morehead State University will begin moving into a more normal post-COVID-19 environment. For general consideration, if any individual does not feel well, we encourage you to remain at home. We also encourage all individuals to consult with their medical provider and consider a COVID-19 vaccination.
  • Our campus will no longer require face masks indoors or outdoors. Any individual may continue to voluntarily wear a face mask to accommodate personal comfortability levels or for specific health needs.
  • Social distancing will no longer be required.
  • Campus hand sanitizer stations will remain in place.
  • Our Recreation and Wellness Center will return to normal occupancy levels.
  • We will begin a process of returning all campus classroom, dining, study, and other area seating to normal levels.

For the Fall 2021 Semester 

  • We will return to a relatively normal number of in-person classes but continue to offer a variety of online and hybrid courses for students who may wish to take them.
  • Our academic areas will work to keep as many of our in-person classes as small as possible to maintain our long-term push for student success.
  • All athletic, performing arts, intramural sports, and other campus activities will resume.
  • All affiliated/registered student clubs and organizations will resume as normal.

Facility Guidelines 

University facilities this summer are available for:
  • University business for MSU classes and MSU department meetings;
  • Use by registered/affiliated student organizations for meetings; and
  • Use by official University contractors involved with conducting applicable business/meetings, not simply sponsorship.
  • SOAR events, formal academic orientations for entry to programs, and other MSU admission activities are permissible.

Academic Calendars



All plans are subject to change per protocols and guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control, the White House, the Kentucky Department of Public Health, the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education, and the Office of the Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
While MSU encourages students, faculty and staff to get the vaccine, we do not require it. We encourage everyone to consult with their medical provider on what is best for them related to the COVID-19 vaccine, and then make an informed decision.