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Student FAQ

An appointment is not required, but it is encouraged to decrease your wait time. Walk-ins are available all day, but note that those with appointments and emergency needs will be given priority.
The clinic will either provide you with a hard copy of your prescription or we will send your prescription electronically to the pharmacy of your choice. If you choose to receive a hard copy, you are responsible for delivering it to the pharmacy. Students are responsible for payment for their prescription. 
The clinic offers services comparable to those at any primary-care clinic you would find at home. Our services include, but are not limited to, preventative care, allergy treatments, immunizations, treatment of illness, physical examinations and mental health services.
Information about your health status or any office visits will not be made available to anyone without your consent. When you come to the clinic, we will provide you with the HIPAA Privacy Policy, a notice that we will not release any of your medical information. 

There are several mental health and healthcare facilities in the local community.  St. Claire Healthcare (open 24 hours), St Claire Medicine Express, and Pathways mental health services are within walking distance to MSU or a short ride on the city bus (Mor’Trans).