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The information provided below pertains to academic advisors who work with MSU students who utilize financial aid.  

The advisor's role is to assist the student in identifying needs and in strategizing specific steps to help them return to good standing. 

Advisors should provide the student with a plan of action that will lead the student to graduation. The plan should include what classes the student needs to complete in order to complete their degree. The student should attach a copy of this plan to their SAP appeal when submitting it to the Financial Aid office.  

For more information, please visit our Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy page. This page includes FAQs to help students with their questions.  

By completing a FAFSA, students are able to apply for federal and state aid such as loans, grants, and work-study. For more information, visit Applying for Financial Aid.   

In order to determine if your student has completed a FAFSA, the student may log into their MyMoreheadState account, click on Self-Service Link, click on Financial Aid. Students will see the following screen: 

Figure 1: 

A screenshot showing a student's financial aid status

Under Checklist,  

  • Students who have not completed their FAFSA they will see the highlighted message in Figure 1.  

  • Students who have completed their FAFSA will see the highlighted message in Figure 2.  

Figure 2: 

A screenshot showing verification that a student has submitted financial aid forms.

Students are able to see any document requests from the Financial Aid office on their MyMoreheadState Financial Aid Self-Service account. Students will see the following message on their self-service account if they have missing documents:  
A screenshot showing notification of unsatisfactory academic progress
Students may click on “Complete required documents” to see what documents are needed. This is an example of a message the student may see:  
A screenshot showing an incomplete verification status
Students receive a notification from our office if they are missing any financial aid documents. For example, a student may need to submit an official copy of his/her birth certificate. Also, if a student is a first-time loan borrower then he/she must complete Entrance Counseling and e-sign a Master Promissory Note (MPN) in order for his/her loan to disburse.  

MSU student may complete a general scholarship application on Award Spring. The Award Spring scholarship source is a centralized scholarship application for numerous scholarships that are provided by the University, MSU Foundation, MSU Departments, community organizations, and professional associations. The application deadline is March 15th.  

Students who are awarded scholarships will receive an award letter notification. The letter will explain any renewal requirements that students must meet to maintain their scholarship. Example: Some scholarships require students to maintain a 3.0 GPA while other scholarships may require students to reapply each year. Note: Some scholarships are not renewable and students will be notified in their award letter.   

For more information, please visit the MSU Scholarships page

Students do not need to make an appointment to meet with a Financial Aid Counselor. Students who come in for a face-to-face visit are placed with their assigned counselor (if available) or the first available counselor to prevent a long wait. 

Students who do not maintain certain academic standards can lose their financial aid.  Satisfactory Academic Progress refers to the evaluation of a student’s academic progress for every semester that the student is enrolled. In order to maintain the receipt of financial aid, students must meet certain Qualitative and Quantitative standards. In other words, if a student does not maintain a certain MSU and Overall GPA and/or does not earn at least 67% of their Attempted Hours then the student could lose his/her financial aid. You are welcome to print out our Understanding SAP handout for you and your students. For more information, visit our SAP webpage

In order to determine your student’s SAP status, students may log into their MyMoreheadState Financial Aid Self-service account.  

Students not meeting the SAP policy will see the following message on their Financial Aid Self-Service account: 

A screenshot showing notification of unsatisfactory academic progress

*Please note that the University's Academic Progress policy, administered through the Academic Advising and Retention Center, is separate from the Department of Financial Aid’s Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy. A student may be placed on probation and/or be required to appeal by both the Academic Advising and Retention Center and the Department of Financial Aid. 

Every year the U. S. Department of Education (DOE) selects a percentage of financial aid applicants for a review of their financial aid information. This review is known as Verification. If your student's application is selected for verification, the student must submit certain information, as determined by the U.S. Department of Education, in order to receive federal student aid. 

Students who have been selected for Verification cannot be awarded their financial aid package until they have submitted all requested documents and have completed the verification process. Note: Students will see their awards on their MyMoreheadState account but they will not be released toward the student’s bill until verification has been completed.  

Students will have a notification on their Financial Aid self-service account to let them know they need to complete verification:  

A screenshot showing a student has missing documents and a student finance account summary

A screenshot showing an incomplete verification statusMSU outsources its verification process to Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority (KHEAA). You may visit in order to obtain the necessary steps for the completion of the Verification process. For more information, visit our Verification information page

Summer financial aid may be available for students depending on remaining eligibility for the year. Summer is considered a “trailer” to the financial aid award year. Some students use their full loan eligibility during the fall and spring semesters and do not have any remaining loan eligibility for summer.  

Additional options may be a summer Parent Plus Loan (for dependent students only) or an alternative loan (subject to credit check and may require a co-signer). Note: There is a separate Parent Plus loan application for summer that is available on our Forms page during the summer months.  

Please visit our Summer Financial Aid page for more information.  

Winter financial aid may be available to eligible admitted Morehead State University students enrolled in winter session. For registration and billing purposes, the Winter session(s) operates as a standalone term. For financial aid purposes, Winter session(s) enrollment is added into the spring semester to determine eligibility. 

Please visit our Winter Financial Aid page for more information.  

A – D ----- Students with last names A-D are assigned to Nehemiah Dunn. Email: 

E – K --- Students with last names E-K are assigned to Dustin Cecil. Email: 

L – R ----- Students with last names L-R are assigned to Sabra Lowe. Email:   

S – Z ----- Students with last names S-Z are assigned to John Rose. Email: