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Our staff evaluates each request for connection to the MSU Strategic Plan, Marketing Plan and institutional priorities. OCM staff will respond to your request as soon as possible. Most projects require a minimum of four weeks for copywriting, design, proofing and print production, so please plan to submit your materials as early as possible. 

Request a project

Use this form to submit requests for printed materials (brochures, posters, postcards, etc.), displays and other promotional items, photography and any other marketing-related projects.

The request should include a brief description of the project/item along with the intended audience and justification as to how it aligns with the University's strategic plan.

The Office of Communications and Marketing reviews each request. We appreciate your assistance in minimizing expenditures as much as possible.

Request a project

Order Stationery

Payment by On-Campus Transaction (OCT) form is REQUIRED before your order will be processed. Proofs displayed in 100% black are printed in MSU blue.


If you don't receive a confirmation email, please email

Please enter information EXACTLY as it should appear.

Press Releases, News Articles, etc.

Do you have a great MSU story or an announcement to share? The Office of Communications & Marketing provides an integrated, multi-channel approach to delivering content that tells the MSU story and keeps our constituencies informed.

Share your MSU News


Content (media releases, announcements, social media posts, calendar events, etc.) that we prioritize:

  • Have the broadest relevance to all audiences (both external and internal)
  • Align with MSU's Strategic Plan and brand pillars
  • Positively reflect upon the image and perception of Morehead State University

While we do not promise coverage of every event or story submitted, depending on the story and timing, we may write and distribute a news release (which, again, we can't guarantee will be used by the media), and share it via MSU's primary social media channels, post a calendar listing or include in University publications.

  • Dimensions: 1519 pixels wide x 855 pixels high (landscape)
    • If your design is not this size, it will not be posted.
  • Format: must be saved as .png or .jpg (72 DPI) or Microsoft Powerpoint (.pptx)
  • Start Date: the date the slide should begin
  • End Date: the date the slide should be removed from rotation
  • Rotation: All slides begin at 00:00 the day of their start date and will end at 11:59 p.m. on the end date.

How to submit: Slides must be submitted for review and meet approval to be added to the digital signage rotation.

Submit a file or request


Deadline for submitting: Submit slides a minimum of two weeks in advance to allow review, revision and scheduling.

Slides that are the incorrect size or that contain grammatical and spelling errors or misuse of the MSU logo may be rejected.

Who can submit slides? Only officially-registered MSU student organizations may submit slides for ADUC digital signage rotation.

Be sure to include the event name, location, date, time & contact on slides.

Preparing Mailing Lists

For mailings with 200+ addressees, the U.S. Postal Service requires the list be checked against a secure dataset containing millions of permanent national change-of-address (NCOA) records. This software allows us to process mailing lists, remove undeliverable addresses and update them with new addresses before mailing. This step also saves your department money, as only lists ran through NCOA qualify for standard nonprofit (bulk) rates.

Upload your Excel file when you submit a project request or email so that processing can begin.

Logos, trademarks and registered images representing Morehead State University require approval for use and must be produced by a licensed vendor. CLC (Learfield | IMG College) manages MSU marks and licensure. For vendors interested in obtaining licensure, please contact CLC (Learfield | IMG College) .

Request Logo

Web Updates

Departments and offices are responsible for updated content on their sites.

Use the form below to submit updates to web content, request new web content, or report issues or problems on web pages.

Request Web Updates


  • Include your name and email address so we can follow up if there are questions and let you know when it's completed.

  • The "Request Title" field should be the name of your request, for example, "Communications and Marketing Staff Update."

  • Be as descriptive as possible and include the website address/URL in the description.

  • Be sure to identify the "end date" as the date your content needs to be published. For example, if the change must be live by July 1, please put that as the end date.

  • You may upload supporting documents or images (.pdf, .docx, .xlsx, .jpg, .png, etc.). You may select multiple files to upload. If you have multiple files, use CTRL + click (PC) or Command + click (Mac) to select multiple files.

If you need to submit additional files or information, or if the form does not submit properly, please email

Please be clear about priority and impact on students/processes to prioritize updates properly.

Understanding Your Project's Timeline

Although our team works diligently to process the more than 100 requests we receive monthly, it is important to understand how production timelines function. The three-point time estimate below details typical timelines from the initial receipt of the request form to the finished product (in working days only). Timelines are subject to change depending on Institutional priority workload, supply chain issues, postal service scheduling, etc.

Project Date Received Asset Gathering (Photos/Copy) Design Milestone Send-to-Print Milestone Production Milestone Mail Prep Milestone Mail Milestone Average Weeks Total
Print & Mail Project Sept. 1 Sept. 6 Sept. 8 Sept. 15 Sept. 22 Oct. 11 Oct. 31

9.2 weeks

Print Project Sept. 1 Sept. 6 Sept. 8 Sept 15 Sept. 22 N/A N/A

4 weeks

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PHONE: 606-783-9328
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